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As a service provider for individual software solutions, jambit offers a comprehensive service portfolio in the field of app development. This extends over various sub-areas of mobile application development and includes the development of native apps for Android (using Java and Kotlin) and iOS (using Swift and Objective-C) as well as app development using cross-platform approaches such as Flutter, Ionic, React Native or Progressive Web App (PWA). Due to our broad expertise from projects with world-renowned customers, we find the right solution for even most diverse problems.

Our Services for Customized Mobile Projects:

  • Design and implementation of user interface and user experience
  • Technical support until launching in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Use of modern architecture patterns such as Clean Architecture or Model-View-ViewModel
  • Quality management with unit tests, integration tests and UI tests using Continuous Integration
  • Connection to databases, web back-ends or other external interfaces
  • Embedding/reading sensor data
  • Support for multiple operating system versions
  • Adaptation of the app to different end devices (e.g. tablets)
  • Integration of voice recognition and personal assistance systems (e.g. Siri or Google Assistant)
  • Implementation of Augmented Reality applications
  • Connection to Cloud Services (Firebase, AWS, Azure)

Android Development

Android is the most widely used mobile platform worldwide. It is not only used as an operating system for smartphones and tablets, Android is also used on smart watches (Wear OS), smart TVs (Android TV), in cars (Android Auto) and IoT devices (Android Things). Android apps can now also run on Chromebook laptops under Chrome OS. Our jambit specialists are familiar with Android in all its forms and can design customized solutions for customers – from UI/UX design on the surface (e.g. according to Google's material design specifications) to deep implementation of back-end communication, Bluetooth interfaces or the control of integrated sensor technology on the Android device.


Our Services:

  • Modern UI design adapted to Google's material design guidelines or to individual requirements
  • Native development with Kotlin or Java
  • Multi-platform development for Android (smartphones & tablets), Wear OS, Android TV and Android Auto
  • Beta Testing with Google Play or Visual Studio App Center
  • Use of modern technologies like Databinding, LiveData, Jetpack, Room, Retrofit, RxKotlin, Dagger, etc.
  • Augmented Reality with ARCore
  • Machine Learning applications with ML Kit (video and image analysis, speech processing, custom models)

iOS Development

Next to Android, Apple's iOS is the second major mobile platform, which is even more important than Android, especially in the premium segment. Just like Android, Apple has extended the iOS platform more and more to other areas over the years, so that variations of iOS can now be found on devices like Apple TV and Apple Watch. There is also a way to integrate iOS into the car – via CarPlay. Apple is also a pioneer in the field of Augmented Reality and now even installs a dedicated LIDAR sensor in the latest iPads to enable completely new AR applications in the future.

iOS App Entwicklung für iPhone, iPad und iWatch

Our Services:

  • Modern UI design and development with SwiftUI and UIKit
  • Native development with Swift or Objective-C
  • Multi-platform development for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS
  • Porting of iPad apps on macOS with Mac Catalyst
  • Beta Testing with TestFlight or Visual Studio App CenterAugmented Reality with ARKit and RealityKit
  • Machine Learning applications with Core ML (vision, natural language, speech, soundanalysis, custom models)

Progressive Web App Development (PWA)

A Progressive Web App (PWA) uses latest technologies to combine the best of web and mobile apps. In a sense, a PWA is like a website built with web technologies, but on a mobile device it feels like a native mobile app. Even push notifications, offline use or adding the app to your home screen on your smartphone are no longer a problem with PWAs, unlike classic web applications. For jambit's customers, developing a mobile app in form of a PWA has the advantage that synergies with already existing web apps can be used and only one single technology stack for both platforms (web and mobile) is necessary.

Progressive Web App-Entwicklung (PWA)

Our Services:

  • Combination of know-how in the mobile area with the experience in the implementation of projects with web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Implementation of web app and mobile app from one source
  • Consideration of all PWA characteristics: responsiveness, connectivity independent, app-like interactions, fresh, safe, discoverable, re-engageable, installable, linkable
  • Combination of PWAs with WebAssembly (WASM) for high-performance applications

Mobile Cross-Platform Development

Dienstleister für Mobile App-Entwicklung

To reach as many customers as possible, a mobile app for both major platforms (Android and iOS) should in most cases be released at the same time. In addition, the apps for Android and iOS should have the same range of functions, to avoid any kind of displeasure among one user segment. This requirement is challenging when developing mobile apps, since the native app code developed for Android and iOS cannot usually be reused for both platforms. Instead, the app must be programmed separately for both platforms as far as possible, often even by two different development teams.

Different cross-platform frameworks offer a solution. Those frameworks allow to write the same code only once, but then reuse it for both mobile platforms (and even the web, depending on the platform). In practice, however, these cross-platform approaches have their pitfalls and disadvantages compared to native app development, which may well outweigh the advantage of code reuse. Native look and feel of the platform, performance or support for different operating system versions play an important role. In this regard, jambit advises its customers individually and explains the advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches.

Our Services:

  • Consulting regarding different cross-platform solutions
  • Implementation depending on requirements with Flutter, Ionic, React Native or Xamarin
  • Native development competence – if required
  • Possibility of combining different approaches
  • Rapid prototyping

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