Initiating, market launch, and maintenance of the R&Go app and Dacia Media Control

Duration: 2011 until today

Technologies: Objective C, Swift, Java, Python, AppCenter, Google Analytics, Bluetooth, Jenkins, Xcode, Android Studio, Gradle

Methods: Project Management, App Development, Bluetooth Specialists, Scrum Master, Test Manager, User-centered Design

Together with Renault s.a.s., jambit developed an infotainment app for smartphones and tablets that allows the smartphone to be used flexibly as a head unit. The app is user-friendly and intuitive, and it allows you to use your smartphone as main control element of the vehicle – without any losses in entertainment offers and navigation solutions. jambit has accompanied the R&Go success story since the project start in 2011.

Head unit app development for sophisticated details inside the vehicle

With R&Go, Renault wanted to develop cost-effective optional equipment in which the user's smartphone works as the control unit. With the human-machine interface, customers are up-to-date and gain independence. By using an app instead of hardware and software embedded in the vehicle, continuous improvements and enhancements are possible. Through R&Go, Renault can cost-effectively enhance volume segment vehicles with a high-end user interface that includes a touchscreen.

From the workshop in Guyancourt to the Paris Motor Show

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Already at the start of the project "Road Companion", jambit was involved in the product development. Numerous workshops at Renault's development center in Guyancourt and trips between Munich and Paris forged the collaboration between the international OEM and jambit. Starting with the customer's request "What does an app cost?", jambit accompanied the customer in successfully deriving the requirements and created a concept for the innovative head unit solution together with Renault. The jambit team demonstrated hands-on mentality and reliability and was therefore allowed to accompany Renault on the further way. During the MVP development, jambit worked hand in hand with the manufacturer of the vehicle electronics to ensure the Bluetooth interface for later applications. The initial impact was convincing and the team won the award Coup de coeur de la bonne idée mobile, the best mobility solution at the Paris Motor Show in 2014.

Agile project until marketability

The project with jambit started in 2012 as a classic waterfall project with dedicated specifications. This was originally intended to ensure an orderly structure and precise project planning. However, it quickly became clear that the new app development needed to react quickly and flexibly to new requirements. Together with the jambit team, the shift to an agile workflow succeeded and a new project management approach with jambit’s Agile Coaches such as Scrum Masters could be established. The result: a successful return on investment and faster, incremental results already during the project. Stakeholders were enthusiastic because time and budget milestones were met more precisely and coherently.

Technical support in the area of Bluetooth and end-to-end testing

Cockpit Media Control
Image rights: Groupe Renault

The jambit team ensured the continuous and long-term maintenance of the app, provided reliable updates in case of operating system updates, and took care of error management. As a partner, jambit took full responsibility and also accompanied the technical development process in analyzing requirements and ensured support in managing additional suppliers. The jambit developers implemented a Bluetooth library as an interface to the radio to use vehicle data in the app. This library was also used beyond Renault. The development of native apps for iOS and Android for in-vehicle operation ensured maximum usability in the market. Through an end-to-end testing suite including a test app, jambit created efficient documentation as well as quality assurance for the underlying radio. Most recently, jambit also developed the app "Dacia Media Control" in 2019 as a variant of the existing "R&Go" app from a single repository. This was possible due to highest demands on quality, efficiency, and reusability from the beginning.

Project timeline

  • jambit has been Renault's reliable partner since 2011. jambit's proactive and responsible support had a major impact on the R&Go success story.

    F. M., Project Manager Connected Services, Software Factory, Groupe Renault


Arbeiten bei jambit in München
  • High attention through press and positive feedback in the app stores
  • Successful implementation of project goals together with Renault’s top management in-time, in-budget, and in-quality through agile workflows with Scrum
  • Project award "Coup de coeur de la bonne idée mobile" at the Paris Motor Show
  • jambit ensured the future viability and market expansion of the project from the very beginning and was also able to successfully implement the follow-up project "Dacia Media Control" based on the single repository.

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Head of Business Division Automotive

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