Development of an ICT system architecture for Siemens AG

Customer: Siemens AG
Project: RACE – New system architecture for vehicles

Das schicke Design des RACE-Fahrzeugs.
Elektrische Verkabelung des RACE-Fahrzeugs.
  • 3-year BMWi research project with eight consortium partners
  • Development of a new architecture as basis for future vehicle systems and industrial control systems
  • Reduction of the complexity of prior architectures by a uniform, open basis platform
  • Operation of sophisticated, partially safety related applications in consideration of critical realtime requirements
  • Support of new, complex functions such as autonomous parking and drive-by-wire
  • Isolation of several separate fault containment regions
  • Abstraction of safety concepts, communication and parallel executions through a Run Time Environment (RTE), allowing applications to focus solely on the processing of their input and output signals
  • I would like to thank you for the constantly good and trustful cooperation. Your engagement in the research project RACE is a great enrichment. Particularly positive is your fast and flexible reaction to our problems.

    C. K., Siemens AG


  • Novel ICT system architecture based on revolutionary approaches
  • Successful transfer of architecture and safety concepts from avionics (e.g. Ring-Ethernet-Boardnet, redundance on hardware level, multi-level system degradation in case of failure, transparent provision of safety mechanisms through the operating system)
  • Easy expandability and interchangeability of applications through Plug & Play, even for security-critical functions
  • Preparation of a migration path for existing vehicle architectures
  • Successful transfer of the research results into commercial follow-up projects
  • Transfer of middleware into non-automotive fields such as factory automation and the energy sector
  • Successful cooperation between various research institutes and commercial firms, even beyond the consortium project

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