Web application for digital cash cassette tracking for the City of Munich

Customer: City of Munich
Project: Cash box tracking

Ein Münchner Geldkassetten-Automat
Geldkassetten-Software für die Stadt München
  • Provision of a system for the complete tracking of all cash boxes used in Munich's parking management system
  • Complete electronic mapping of the processes
  • Identification and recording of all cash boxes and parking ticket machines by means of barcodes
  • Use of mechanically rugged PDAs with barcode scanner, water jet resistant, large display, touchscreen, very easy to operate and long battery service life
  • Responsible for designing, implementing and integrating a web application for planning vehicle routing as well as the software on the PDAs
  • Reliable, buffered communication between mobile terminals and the central server via SOAP web services
  • JEE server based on modern and proven libraries and frameworks: Tapestry 5, Hibernate, Spring, Axis 2
  • Client software in C# based on the .NET Compact Framework 3.5 and the LightCore dependency injection library
  • jambit has delivered the system on schedule and in outstanding quality. We were particularly impressed that we could examine the intermediate results live and could give direct feedback after each 2-weeks-iteration.

    M. Z., City of Munich


  • Guaranteed complete tracking of cash boxes as responsibility for each cash box is 100% assigned at all times
  • Extensive automation of processes optimizes workflows and guarantees process compliance
  • Visual user guidance ensures intuitive operation and short induction periods
  • Data entry errors are minimized thanks to the clear layout and plausibility checks
  • The system reduces costs through paperless processes, reduces inventories and allows significant simplification of cash box storage

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