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The competitiveness of your business depends on your ability to respond quickly to unforeseen circumstances. Here's where data analytics and artificial intelligence techniques can offer a clear advantage. AI makes processes more efficient and enables the development of new digital products and services. Data analytics helps making data-based decisions. It is the essential component of digital transformation. Moreover, data analytics is essential to the creation of innovations and new products based on AI technology.

AI-driven innovations

You would like to exploit the full potential of AI solutions for your business?

We collaborate with you to develop AI- and data-driven products that create sustainable added value for your business:

  • We employ AI and data technology as tools.
  • We design customized AI solutions based on your needs and requirements.

We integrate our AI solutions into your existing software and IT structures. We also select the appropriate programming languages, tools and libraries for your project.

AI basierte Innovationen

Rethinking processes: A workflow transformation with GenAI

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) supports research and structuring of information as well as content creation. Large Language Models (LLM) provide more natural conversation through enhanced chatbots.


You would like to become more productive? We can help you keep up to date with rapid developments.

Where we can help you with:

  • How can OpenAI improve customer service?
  • How to increase the efficiency of internal processes?
  • Is it possible to train LLM with your own data?
  • Can intellectual property be secured?
  • How can I use prompt engineering to get the best results?

Data analytics as an assistant for decision-making

The key to future success is the consistent use of databases. Decision intelligence helps to enable fact-based decisions and optimize processes. This promotes growth and drives innovation and, at the same time, reduces risks and costs.

Data-driven decision-making is a fundamental part of future-proofing your business. We navigate you on the path to becoming a data-driven company.

Our services:

  • Structure & visualize data
  • Gain insights
  • Enabling data-based decisions
  • Advice on data strategy
Data Analytics

Data strategy consulting

The first step towards becoming a data-driven company is having the appropriate data strategy: Are you having trouble to keeping up with the constant development of AI opportunities and technologies?

Datenstrategie Beratung

Our primary goal is to strengthening and positioning your business in a competitive market.

How can our experts help you with your digital transformation?

Our data analysts draw concrete conclusions from large volumes of data and identify challenges.

Our data strategy experts then get to work: they use the resulting analysis to develop a tailor-made data strategy in line with your business requirements.

How jambit can help with your individual data & AI challenges

You would like to be more productive and make more accurate forecasts? Optimize processes and resources and make choices in real time? Our in-depth expertise makes us the ideal partner for your unique data & AI challenges:

Boosting productivity with GenAI

The efficiency of the editorial process can be significantly enhanced by using GenAI for automated article development. This includes:

  • Preselection and summary of relevant content
  • Identifying fake news
  • Assistance with text design

We assist you in integrating GenAI into the editorial system of your business.

Making forecasts and predictions

Future trends and events can be predicted using data analytics and artificial intelligence. Forecasts can be made with the help of statistical models and algorithms based on historical data and learning experience.

The analysis of market trends and the understanding of customer behavior minimize your risks by:

  • Early identification of opportunities and risks
  • Preparation of forecasts
  • Making long-term, well-founded, and proactive strategic decisions
Optimizing processes and resources

It is possible to identify bottlenecks and inefficient processes by keeping an eye on key performance indicators. This increases your operational efficiency and saves costs.

Our data analysts identify potential for optimization in your current business processes. They have the right tools, expertise and resources to exploit the full potential of data analytics.

Making real-time decisions

Using advanced data analytics techniques and tools, we can analyze your data in real time and make faster decisions based on it. This is particularly important in dynamic business environments where fast responses are required to gain a competitive advantage.

Meet our experts

Data Strategy Specialists

helps you create, specify, and carry out your data & AI plan.

Data Analysts

Utilize the right tools to visualize and evaluate corporate data and processes.

AI Research Scientist

possess a thorough understanding of AI and create individual AI solutions.

Data Scientist

Obtain knowledge from raw data. Possess the ability to examine data effectively in computer science.

Big/Fast Data Engineer

Focus on handling massive data volumes and streams in an efficient manner.

Research Engineer

Possess a thorough understanding of data structures and methods. Apply techniques effectively.

You are looking for a competent service provider for your data analytics & AI project?

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Frank Strobl

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