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  • jambit, ein Great Place to Work
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  • jambit ist Great Place to Work 2019 in Deutschland, Bayern und der ITK Branche

Our employees declare jambit to be one of the best employers
Great Place to Work® employee surveys

For Great Place to Work® (GPTW), trust forms the basis of a successful workplace culture. "Trust is the result of credibility (1), respect (2) and fairness (3) practiced at the workplace. In a culture of trust, team spirit (4) and pride (5) arise," as per GPTW. The Great Place to Work® employee survey measures the severity of these five dimensions.

93% of the jambitees confirm: "All in all, I can say it's a very good workplace."

The approval rate across these five dimensions provides information about jambit's strengths and development potential. Here is a first overview: jambit's strengths are especially...

  • Team spirit (95% jambit vs. 63% benchmark)
  • Credibility (90% vs. 61% benchmark)
  • Fairness (90% vs. 62% benchmark).

...closely followed by...

  • Respect (85% vs. 54% benchmark)
  • Pride (84% vs. 71% benchmark)

Creating this kind of employer brand in their daily working life is a challenge for many service providers. We, as well, encounter these again and again and therefore work on our workplace culture on a daily basis.

Great Place to Work - Mitarbeiterbefragung

"EXCELLENT" workplace culture – jambit receives top marks

Our first résumé is very positive. Why? If we compare our rating with the market benchmark determined by GPTW, we are way above it in all five dimensions and even in the overall rating. This makes jambit one of the top 5% of companies earning the title "excellent".

But rather than resting on our success, we perceive critical feedback, recognizable gaps, and for jambit standard relatively low figures ​​as a gift. We can learn a lot from this and make jambit an even better employer.

Concrete results of the Great Place to Work® survey at jambit

Before we get to the actual results, first of all we would like to thank all the jambitees who have participated in the employee survey. At jambit, there is a spirit of openness to dialog: a total of 71% of our employees have rated our workplace culture and credibility, respect, fairness, pride and team spirit at jambit.

And the result is extremely gratifying...

What our jambitees appreciate the most?!


  • 97% of our employees know that jambit trusts their good work and does not constantly monitor them. A nice approval for our management. Mutual trust and leap of faith have already been specified in our management guidelines.
  • Special characters work at jambit! 94% of our jambitees confirm that new employees always fit in. That's because our recruiters pay special attention to "cultural fit".


  • jambit encourages all employees to have a healthy work-life balance. This is confirmed by 87%. With this rating, we differentiate enormously from the other participating companies. On average, the figure for all 'excellent' companies is 60% and for all 'good' companies it is just 38%.
  • "I can plan my time freely," say 99% of our employees. Not surprising, because jambit offers working life accounts, offers "Lebensarbeitszeitkonten" (working time accounts that last life-long), flexible working hours models with overtime regulation and without core working hours. In addition, we grant individual sabbatical options.


  • We always treat each other fairly: Regardless of position, origin, gender or age, everyone is treated as a full member. This is confirmed by 94-100% of the reviewing jambitees. We have firmly anchored fair play and a fair management style in our corporate principles since our foundation in 1999.
  • "Everyone here has the opportunity to get attention and recognition," say 90% of the jambitees. Everyone can employ their skills profitably and motivated, whether privately in one of our many leisure groups or professionally with or without leadership responsibility. With our jambitees, we design individual careers, for example as Solution Architect, Candidate Interviewer, Project Manager or Scrum Master, in an internal Community of Practice (CoP) or as an external Speaker.


  • Our jambitees enjoy coming to work (94%). This can probably be traced back to our technically challenging topics and sophisticated software projects – or to our delicious coffee. But for the most part, it is certainly due to our great staff, who are – beyond the working hours – also involved in many leisure groups and like to drink a beer after work together.
  • Our jambitees would recommend jambit as an employer to friends (91%). Even to their families. Several siblings work with us – and life partners are also brought to jambit out of full conviction.

Team spirit

  • New employees feel welcome to 99%. Of course, that makes us happy. At jambit, our essentials week and a godparenthod with an experienced jambitee is part of the onboarding process for all newbies. The godfather accompanies his rookie from day 1 onwards, shows him the most important processes and, moreover, is the direct contact person for all questions.
  • "We feel like a "family" here," say 93% of the jambitees. We are sure that our numerous employee events and leisure activities, in addition to our collegial approach to everyday project life, contribute to our special team spirit – our jambit spirit.
  • The working environment is just great. The people really take care of friendliness and respect. At jambit, you are appreciated.
    jambitee, anonymous Great Place to Work® survey 2019
  • As an employee at jambit, I can contribute and implement my ideas and often have the freedom to create things and make own decisions.
    jambitee, anonymous Great Place to Work® survey 2019
  • The selection of colleagues is excellent. No matter who your teammates are, you can be sure that you match personally and professionally.
    jambitee, anonymous Great Place to Work® survey 2019
  • The management style is very honest, humane and based on making every important decision clear to the employees.
    jambitee, anonymous Great Place to Work® survey 2019
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  • Great Place To Work® ITK Max und Tina
  • Foto: Gero Breloer für Great Place to Work®
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An independent team of experts confirms jambit's good workplace culture
Everything about the Great Place to Work® culture audit

While 2/3 of the ranking depends on the opinions of our jambitees, we also receive competent assessment of our actions by an independent GPTW team of experts. The team analyzes processes, measures and instruments of the personnel and cultural work at jambit. The results are compared with other companies in our industry sector. Due to this procedure, strengths and weaknesses become visible and the effectiveness of our HR work can be classified.

A few highlights:

  • A total of 193 companies from the "information and communication" (ICT) industry were compared.
  • On average, an awarded ICT employer receives 60% points in 2019.
  • With 72%, jambit lies a whole 12 points above!
  • "Very good" to "Excellent" are assessed as individual measures compared to other companies.
  • In 6 of the 9 evaluated fields, jambit receives the award "Excellent". These include listening, informing, developing, recruiting and integration as well as team spirit and celebrations.

Explanation: In the category "Excellent", companies are listed that offer their employees "excellent" implemented measures and programs. They represent the 20% of companies that achieve the highest scores in the culture audit.

The full report will now be studied in detail by our HR team to continuously develop jambit's workplace culture.

  • jambit impresses with a wide scope of creative freedom, team spirit and innovative ideas. A multitude of creative neologisms reflect the uniqueness of the jambit culture. A Great Place to Work!

    Great Place to Work® Deutschland, 2018 Einordnung im Branchenvergleich & Gesamteindruck

About Great Place to Work® and jambit
Workplace culture – lived and tested out

What and who is Great Place to Work®?

Founded in 2002 and active in 52 countries, Great Place to Work® is an independent research institute that measures the workplace culture of companies.

Great Place to Work® conducts its studies every year and uses two proven survey instruments to evaluate the lived workplace culture:

  • an employee survey (rated 2/3)
  • and the culture audit (rated 1/3).

Interesting in the employee survey: 90% of the participating companies form the market benchmark. 5% are below the bottom line. These are considered "very critical". And 5% of all companies are above the upper threshold and are given the title "excellent".

In the end, only the 100 best companies in Germany are really awarded "Germany's Best Employers". Classified into size categories and according to the respective industries and regions, these best companies receive an award.

Why are we participating...

...for an attractive workplace, trust and corporate culture! We want to know where jambit really stands in terms of future-oriented workplace culture – confirmed by an independent body. And that's exactly what GPTW does.

In addition, GPTW offers a benchmark comparison. We find it extremely useful to compare our own results with other companies.

This is why we added this external perspective to our internal "Stimmungsbarometer" (opinion surveys). This classification allows us to review and develop our HR instruments and measures strategically, and gives us additional inspiration thanks to best practices.

In 2018, jambit took part in GPTW for the first time and was already able to place itself directly among the 100 best employers. In addition to "Germany's best employer", we were awarded one of the best employers in Bavaria and in ICT.

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