Android app development for Süddeutsche Zeitung

Customer: Süddeutsche Zeitung
Project: SZ Mobile - Android App

Screenshot der SZ-mobile
Screenshot der SZ-mobile
  • New development of a native Android App for the content of
  • New conception of the complete system architecture
  • Conception and implementation of a new UI and navigation concept
  • Development of a mobile-first Content Delivery System
  • Seamless integration with the Content Management System of
  • Agile Development with Scrum
  • Interdisciplinary team consisting of UX experts, designers, app developers, product managers and back-end specialists
  • Technologies: Android SDK, Java, RXJava, Retrofit, OKHTTP, Google Guava, Picasso, Butterknife, Mockito, Espresso, Crashlytics, Google Analytics, Google Play Services, Google Cloud Messaging, Java Web Sockets, Genymotion, Jenkins, Git, IntelliJ
  • It's the best app the SZ has ever had! Great performance, beautiful animation in the app, excellent navigation. Awesome.

    J. V., SZ Digital Media GmbH


  • Go-live in-time, in-budget and in-quality
  • Great User Experience with enthusiastic readers
  • Increase of customer loyalty and satisfaction (see Playstore Reviews)
  • Improved performance, especially in case of bad network connection
  • Optimal support of large smartphone displays
  • No maintenance requirements for the online editors of Süddeutschen Zeitung
  • Future-proof architecture for next years' challenges

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