Android app development for Süddeutsche Zeitung

Customer: Süddeutsche Zeitung
Project: SZ Mobile - Android App

Screenshot der SZ-mobile
Screenshot der SZ-mobile
  • New development of a native Android App for the content of
  • New conception of the complete system architecture
  • Conception and implementation of a new UI and navigation concept
  • Development of a mobile-first Content Delivery System
  • Seamless integration with the Content Management System of
  • Agile Development with Scrum
  • Interdisciplinary team consisting of UX experts, designers, app developers, product managers and back-end specialists
  • Technologies: Android SDK, Java, RXJava, Retrofit, OKHTTP, Google Guava, Picasso, Butterknife, Mockito, Espresso, Crashlytics, Google Analytics, Google Play Services, Google Cloud Messaging, Java Web Sockets, Genymotion, Jenkins, Git, IntelliJ

It's the best app the SZ has ever had! Great performance, beautiful animation in the app, excellent navigation. Awesome.

J. V., SZ Digital Media GmbH


  • Go-live in-time, in-budget and in-quality
  • Great User Experience with enthusiastic readers
  • Increase of customer loyalty and satisfaction (see Playstore Reviews)
  • Improved performance, especially in case of bad network connection
  • Optimal support of large smartphone displays
  • No maintenance requirements for the online editors of Süddeutschen Zeitung
  • Future-proof architecture for next years' challenges

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