Digital PreCheck jambit und Mer Solutions

Digital PreCheck in Mer Connect Plus App

Client: Mer Solutions GmbH

Project: Digital PreCheck

Project period: May – November 2021

Technologies used: Docker with REST-API, Python 3, Tensorflow 2, Keras, Spring Boot, Java, Bitbucket, Git, React, Flutter

Currently, Europe is all up to electric driving – and the mission of Mer Solutions GmbH is to drive the expansion of electromobility with clean energy.
jambit is only too happy to provide support. One joint project is the Digital PreCheck in the Mer Connect Plus app.

Digital PreCheck as innovation for the expansion of e-mobility

Mer Solutions offers companies holistic solutions for the electrification of company car fleets. With its expertise in grid-optimized charging, Mer also enables rapid expansion of electromobility without expensive grid expansion and more efficient use of renewable energies. The offering ranges from charging solutions at home, on-site to on the road at more than 21,000 charging stations in Germany and 118,000 across Europe. To make charging electric cars as easy and efficient as possible for drivers, existing charging solutions are constantly being expanded and optimized. One of these innovative new features is the Digital PreCheck via the Mer Connect Plus app, which jambit developed together with Mer Solutions. With the help of augmented reality, the wallbox to be installed can be projected to the desired location. Thanks to jambit's support, one of two on-site technician visits can be saved in the future. Time and cost savings as well as an optimized customer experience are particularly important not only in such a fast-growing market as e-mobility.

The perfect charging solution with wallbox and Digital PreCheck

Wallboxes connect electric cars to the power grid as a "wall charging station". Those who have a garage can charge the battery most conveniently at home. Having the electric car ready to drive, saves time and money this way. Before installing a wallbox, drivers always need a "pre-check" on-site. This first step involves checking whether the garage is at all suitable for charging an electric car. Until now, an electrician's appointment was necessary for this. With the new Digital PreCheck, since April 2022 drivers can simply photograph the installation environment with their smartphone and send the data directly via the app. This is done in four steps: Users photograph the installation site, the house junction box, the meter box and the pipe route (via floor plan or hand drawing) with their smartphone. Once all the requirements have been met, an appointment can be made to install the charging station.

Digital PreCheck App Installationsort

Intuitive app with computer vision – artificial intelligence in image processing

Digital PreCheck - Intuitive App mit Computer Vision

The advantages are obvious, because the Digital PreCheck replaces all the functions that electricians would otherwise have to perform on-site. This means that drivers can simply complete the first step themselves speeding up the entire process, as booking an electrician can take several weeks. This time saving means that the charging station can be installed more quickly and charging in the driver's own garage can start sooner. The number of manual PreChecks with electricians on-site will be reduced by 50% – a huge benefit for all involved. Saving resources and the environment is faster and easier than ever before with the Digital PreCheck.

Anyone who doubts their technical abilities don't need to worry: In the app, an artificial intelligence makes sure that the house connection box is photographed correctly and that the photo is sharp enough. Computer vision mimics human vision in the process. The app guides the user clearly and comprehensibly through the entire process, and the Digital PreCheck is usually completed in around 30 minutes. If something still doesn't fit, Mer still offers a manual PreCheck and sends an electrician to the site.

  • We were such a great team. You couldn't tell that we were from different companies because we worked towards one goal and supported each other all the time.

    Kevin Strathdee, Software Engineer at jambit

jambit and Mer pave the way for the energy and transport revolution through simplified charging of electric cars

Throughout our collaboration, jambit and Mer formed a mixed team with employees from both companies. Thus, jambit provided a project manager and Mer a product owner. Computer vision and app development was done by jambit, backend developers and technical support came from both sides. The UX design was also developed together and offered a lot of room to try out new things. In this greenfield project, our jambit team was able to start working with Mer on the designs, developing, sketching and discussing ideas. Through development to final delivery, the cooperation was smooth and always at eye level. A pillar of the close cooperation were daily meetings, where all participants got to know each other and exchanged ideas not only professionally but also personally. Working together towards the same goal and supporting each other additionally strengthened the team structure.

To pave the way for a sustainable future, jambit and Mer Solutions not only implemented the Digital PreCheck together, but also expanded the GROA portal for drivers and fleet managers to support the entire driver onboarding process. And the collaboration continues.

Our technical expertise and Mer's vision make electric driving even more accessible. jambit and Mer Solutions are two strong partners who together implement innovative solutions to power more electric vehicles every day with electricity from sustainable wind and hydro power. In this way, we are taking the holistic path of the energy and transport revolution together.

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