Customer: DocuWare
Project: Mobile II – iPhone and iPad app development

Screenshot der DocuWare-App
  • Development of iPhone and iPad apps for the DocuWare DMS
  • Innovative features:
    • Flexible document searches via dynamic search dialogs
    • Personal document-related job lists
    • Fluent display and pages in documents with zoom function
    • Stamp documents (e.g. approve invoice or reject and state reason)
    • Sending documents via e-mail
Die DocuWare-App auf dem Tablet
  • Precise implementation of the graphical design specifications during development
  • Use of an image cache for the fluent display usual for the iPhone/iPad
  • Shared library for document access for iPhone and iPad
  • Development of a special operating logic for the iPad app for using all the possibilities of the large display

The 100% promise and its fulfillment really impressed me. Quality, time schedules and budget were met exactly without restricting the required flexibility. DocuWare was able to quickly exploit the full benefit of the new mobile platform for its customers.

M. B., DocuWare GmbH


  • Successful incentive for DocuWare customers to acquire an upgrade of the product license
  • Modern addition to the product portfolio with iPhone and iPad integration
  • Optimal operating concept adapted to both the iPhone and iPad
  • Smooth implementation within the project despite the tight schedule and tight budget
  • Low-maintenance app with no problems
  • High ranking in the App Store (4 stars)
  • Satisfied end-customers and satisfied clients

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