UX concept, UI design and app development for quality management system Daimler VANQuality

Customer: Daimler AG
Project: VANQuality

  • Development of an intern quality management system for Mercedes-Benz Vans
  • From Support of the first concept workshop and UI design to development of an iOS prototype up to complete redesign and final product development
  • Cross-functional team of software developers, UI/UX designers and system engineers
  • UX concept, UI design and implementation of a hybrid smartphone app, which allows company car drivers to quickly and easily submit feedback and ideas
  • Conception and development of a responsive web application as central quality management tool, which enables the evaluation of the collected topics and communication with the drivers
  • Architecture concept and implementation of underlying backend systems
  • Integration and operation of the back-end into the system landscape
  • jambit is responsible for system operation and further developments
  • Applied technologies: Ionic2, TypeScript, Angular2, node.js, koa.js, Mocha/Chai, HTML5, React, JavaScript, Babel, Webpack, MySQL, MS-SQL, Adobe Creative Suite


  • New level of quality management: multimedia feedback through photos and videos and direct chat communication between drivers and the quality department
  • Highest acceptance and positive feedback from company car drivers and quality managers
  • App is certified by Daimler House of Apps
  • Available in three App Stores: iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Expandable for additional series
  • Successful cooperation in a cross-functional team of software developers, designers and system engineers

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