International server migration and maintenance for Comunio

Customer: Comunio
Project: Hosting, Operations and Maintenance

Spieleplattform Comunio, hosted by jambit
Comunio-Screenshot: Spieleraufstellung
  • Hosting, operation and maintenance of a German internet portal that is among the most frequently visited ones in Germany
  • Extensive, very granular traffic analysis to support marketing
  • More than 3.000 database hits per second are possible
  • More than 2 million active users
  • More than 700.000 unique visitors per day
  • More than 3.000.000 page views per day
  • More than 35 TB data transfer per month
  • International portal (6 languages, 11 state leagues + winter sports + Formula One)
  • Portal-hosting on an external computer cluster in an external data center:
    • 10 web server, 4 data base server, 1 mail server
    • LAMP system on a Suse Enterprise Server
    • Complete system administration, database optimization, monitoring
    • Mail server (SMTP + IMAP), web mail-Access, anti-virus filter and spam filter
  • Since 2001, jambit has been a highly reliable, committed and flexible partner of Comunio. Our requests are realized very fast and in an uncomplicated manner. With jambit as a partner, the fast growth of Comunio runs smoothly.

    F. L., Comunio GmbH


  • A stable system with very high availability (> 99,9 %)
  • A long-time cooperation in partnership since 2001
  • Enabling the rapid growth of Comunio
  • Successful migration to high-performance systems without any downtimes
  • Organization of a successful international server relocation without any downtimes

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