1. How do you drink your coffee?

I drink lots of coffee, sometimes a bit too much. Always without sugar and lots of oat milk.

2. How did you end up at jambit?

I studied physics. After university I was more and more into software development because I was more interested in that. I found jambit through the jambit academy. In the newcomer course I could immerse a bit into the topic android development and after that I decided to work as a Mobile Developer at jambit. I used the first covid period to concentrate more on android development, to learn all kinds of Best Practices and to develop private projects. I applied at jambit one year ago and I’m really happy that it worked out.

3.What has been your most exciting project at jambit so far?

My recent project is my favorite one. We develop a digital care assistant for a Smart Watch. The watch reminds user to drink enough water, to take their medication and to realize their upcoming appointments. The language assistant is a great support for people in need of care and I’m really proud to develop this.

Apart from that I’m generally interested in more than only software development. I’m passionate about the trappings and attach importance to a good team dynamic. I like to get involved often beyond my project.

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4.Where can people find you when you’re not working?

I really like being in the nature and do trips with my bike. Often, I pack my hammock and look for a beautiful and cute place. Apart from that, I also like sailing on Starnberger See.

I also spend lots of time for the EBBC ‘Entrepreneurial Business Book Club’. The book club comes originally from Belgium and is active at several locations in the meantime. Meanwhile I’m also the location manager in Munich. We meet every four weeks, and one club member does an interactive workshop about one special book. I’ve already done lots of sessions and now help the participants to organize it. The book selection is always really exciting. At the moment, we’re reading ‘It’s not always depression’ by Hilary Jacobs Hendel and I’m already planning the workshop.

5.Which unpopular Tech opinion do you have?

I don’t know how unpopular that is, but I could actually get upset about keyboards for hours. The keys aren’t directly sorted under each other but shifted. This comes from the typewriter and prevented that the letters didn’t get stuck back then. But this doesn’t make sense any more with our present electronic keyboards. I think if the keys were sorted directly under each other, you could learn a helpful typing system much faster and it would also look much better anyway.

6. You are one of our three Knowledge Broker only recently. What do expect from that role?

It’s important for me to live a professional culture between software developers, in which we learn from each other and share our knowledge with each other. I’ve already got involved with these topics a lot in the past and can do that even more intense now as a Knowledge Broker. I already have some smaller and bigger projects in my head and look forward to the exchange with the other two Knowledge Brokers.

It's great that you can get involved at jambit beyond your actual job description. You can always contribute as a jambitee and our ideas and suggestions are valued.

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