1. How do you drink your coffee?

Preferably black. It's the best way to taste the coffee and it wakes you up the most. (laughs)

2. What are you doing in your free time?

My hobbies rotate between 3D printing, building model trains and sewing. I'm quite skilled with the sewing machine. I even created a pattern for pants based on my measurements and then I sewed them myself. But I don't limit myself to clothes, I also dare to try cushions for everything from folding boats to trailer awning tents. And the 3D printer is also usually used to create useful things - from stylish wine glass markers so that you can recognize your glass at a big party, to spare parts for the Komet food processor from GDR times. Or a bridge for the model railroad - that's probably where the civil engineer in me comes through. (laughs)

3. Which application you can’t live without?

I organized a lot via Nextcloud recently. It would be very difficult without this. Apart from that, I like being out in the countryside, I like to take a break from all the digital applications and go camping. My husband and I have a small trailer, which we took to the “Chaos Communications Camp” with my colleague Enrico. That was great fun.

4. Which programming language are you and why?

I would choose Python. Python can do a lot and almost everyone can cope with Python.

5. How did you end up in IT?

I studied civil engineering and worked in IT part-time as a student. I used to program as a hobby. That's what counts in the end - the experience. In my student job, I wrote a calibration software where we calibrated for the automotive area, among other things. That's where I had my first points of contact.

Auf einen Kaffee mit Marie Ehrhardt

6. What are you doing at jambit?

I work in the business division Industry & Energy on a project for civil defense. Among other things, the client manufactures warning sirens for civil defense, which are then distributed to cities and rural areas. Actually, in the hope that they won't be needed. But if you do need them, it's good that you can quickly set different alarm signals and issue targeted warnings. It was new for me that there are also sirens with a voice announcement.

In this project, we're responsible for the backend at jambit. The client updates the entire system, which was installed 20-30 years ago. The client makes the technological leap with us. There are many features that need to be developed. It’s exciting to use C# and .NET 6 for this. I'm happy about the native support for JSON, a standard that became indispensable in today's world. Another plus point is that we have a very good project manager on the client side, who is a good interface between the developers and the client. All in all, it's a great project and I'm happy to be a part of it.

7. Erfurt is jambit's newest subsidiary and still quite new. What has already been done there?

Quite a lot! A lot has really developed, especially in the last few months. On one hand, we grew a lot in terms of team size, and our office also changed a lot. In the beginning, everything was still very neutral - eight workstations, lots of white walls and space to fill and let off steam. And that's what we did - with color and motifs on the walls, plants, furniture, pictures, a writable wall that we've already creatively scribbled on, and a dartboard. It has a nice spot now. My resolution for this year is to get better at darts.

8. What is your tip for applicants?

You shouldn't bend yourself! And you don't have to be able to do everything - you can also learn a lot in your job. It's just important that you want to do it. With a good dose of motivation, you can actually do almost anything.

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