1. How do you drink your coffee?

Mostly I drink an espresso without sugar. I do 16:8 intermittent fasting and therefore I don’t drink milk and don’t eat sugar in the morning. As a whole cup of black coffee is too much for me, I simply drink a small, quick espresso.

2. You have worked at jambit for almost 22 years now. What is a special thing you remember?

Oh, there are lots! A lot of things changed: from our first office in Munich in an apartment in Sendlinger Straße to our office now. Our weekly that developed to our jupdate, which is every six weeks. Different team events at our yearly strategy days, from a Jeti hunt to an own jambit WOK WM. What you could discuss in short meetings on a Friday morning in the past, now must be tackled differently with a growing company. Some years ago, I was the first godfather for a newbie. In the meantime, I’m already 'god-grandfather'. (laughs). It’s also a bit melancholic for me.

Nevertheless, it didn’t change that I simply feel comfortable here. I know that I can go to Franz, Head of my Department or to the CEO Markus & Peter, whenever I have something on my mind. I trust that they don’t leave you alone and that they have your back. Apart from that, it never gets boring. At jambit, I always see new challenges that I can master.

3. There is the so called ‘Arnim-Kreutzer-Arena’ in Munich. What is it about?

When I started at jambit in 2001, there has already been a football table. But it was very old and small. You could only kick the ball wildly around. After I played table football with a colleague in a pub, we went directly to Markus and Peter the next morning to suggest buying a new football table. Both said yes and through ‘Such und Find’ we found an appropriate one – but this one was in Heidelberg. In a cloak-and-dagger operation we drove to Heidelberg on a Friday afternoon and picked up the football table. At 11 pm it was directly welcomed together with Peter and Frank at jambit. It’s still in use under the name ‘Arnim-Kreutzer-Arena’ and provides a good service.

Have a coffee with Arnim

4. What has gone wrong in your career so far that you can laugh about now?

We had a self-developed system called “Time” before our ERP system. When overtime hours should have been paid, you had to process in the system. One time, I wanted to pay out lots of overtime hours for a colleague and corresponding to that deduct them from his overtime account for life. Therefore, I typed in the SQL statement. When I was about to check it again, I was surprised by a call. I just sent the statement without thinking that much. Only a few seconds later, I recognized that I deleted the overtime hours from ALL employees. The overtime account of all jambitees stood at zero. I was sweating a lot! Fortunately, we could restore the overtime hours of everyone through a backup.

5. For a long time, you’ve also been a trainer at our onboarding program, the essentials. Tell us something about it.

As a software service provider, you must be prepared for new industries and customers again and again. My presentation was about challenges that our newbies can expect at work in the project business. On the other hand, the project work is also a big chance to develop further and to try new things again and again. As our projects were much smaller back then, it led more often to project changes, and I had to engage with a new environment all the time. This was quite exhausting for me back then. Therefore, I took over the role as the assistant to CEO in 2009 for a while. 5 years ago, I went back to software development. With time, I noticed that I really missed the software development. It was the right step to work as a software developer again. I still have so much fun and it’s just my thing to do. The mix of creativity and all the small successes while programming is great.

6. Which unpopular Tech opinion do you have?

I don’t like JavaScript in the backend. JavaScript is a frontend technology. Only because you can also use it in backend, it doesn’t mean that it makes sense. I assume that the typification of bigger projects leads to problems in the long-term. I think that Java will be surely more popular again in the future. How Oracle further develops Java at the moment with projects like Amber, Valhalla, Leyden and Loom is enormous. I’m excited what the future holds.

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