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jambit CoffeeTalks I/ 2020

Communication, Sentiment Analysis and Quantum Computing

How can confidence-building measures in IT projects be ensured? How do machines understand opinions and which opportunities has quantum technology to offer? At our first CoffeeTalks this year, we would like to give our customers a start into the innovative topics of 2020. Three questions – three speakers who give us an insight into their work.

This year’s first CoffeeTalk will take place for the first time in jambit's new Munich office at Hirschgarten. We do not only welcome jambitees, but also customers and interested applicants. Our CoffeeTalks are a lecture series taking place several times a year. They often deal with topics from the field of software development, but also with innovative projects that jambit implements with various customers. The CoffeeTalks are an important part of jambit's work culture with the focus on sharing knowledge with everyone in the company.

1:00 – 1:30 p.m.: The support and maintenance of FAZ.NET as an example of confidence-building communication in IT projects

Arnim Kreutzer, Senior Software Engineer, Business Division Media

In 2015, jambit migrated the CMS of the news portal FAZ.NET to a cloud-based environment. Since then, we have been responsible for the entire operation, taking care of maintenance and further development of FAZ.NET and supporting the media house as digitizing partner. In terms of support, appointments such as “dailies”, “stand-ups” & co. are proven elements of the cooperative partnership. jambitee Arnim Kreutzer will report on everyday project life and communication in the event of a crisis. For this purpose, jambit and FAZ.NET created a communication process that shows important steps in case of a special case. At the CoffeeTalk, there will be recommendations for software developers and DevOps who are in charge of their own projects.

How to analyze sentiment with PyTorch

2:00 – 3:00 p.m.: Wiltrud Kessler, Software Engineer, Office Stuttgart

“Wow, you just played football and didn't ask me to join? Great job, favorite colleague!” Understanding language and its nuances is not so easy. Especially for a machine. Product reviews is one field in which a large number of texts should be examined for opinions. What is interesting about reviews is not only the direction of the opinion, i.e. positive or negative, but also what the opinion refers to. In sentiment analysis, this is called “aspect”. The challenge for a machine learning system is now to identify these aspects in the text. How do you do this? What needs to be considered? During Wiltrud’s talk, we will also learn about practical procedures and train a neural network for sentiment analysis and aspect recognition with PyTorch.

Quantum Computing: What is it actually good for?

3:30 – 4:30 p.m.: Andreas Swoboda, Software Engineer, Banking & Insurance

During his talk, Andreas will focus on one of the big buzzwords of 2019: Quantum Computing. There are many publications, but most of them refer to speculations and visions. You come across many word creations from “Quantum Revolution” to “Quantum Supremacy” to “Quantum World” – what they all have in common is a lot of fiction. Andreas will clear up the myths. His background as a physicist helps him in this. In his studies, he dealt with theoretical solid state physics and managed to get in touch with the subject via quantum mechanics. In his talk, Andreas will show how a quantum computer actually works and what to do with it. This includes, for example, the Shor algorithm for prime factorization, which could be used to bypass common and block-chain-based crypto systems. He will also show use cases in chemical industry and for unsorted database searches.

Our jambit CoffeeTalks I / 2020 at a glance

  • WHO? Our jambitees Arnim Kreutzer, Wiltrud Kessler and Andreas Swoboda
  • WHAT? jambit CoffeeTalks I/2020
  • WHEN? Friday, March 6, 2020, from 1:00 to 4:45 p.m.
  • WHERE? jambit GmbH, Friedenheimer Brücke 20, 80639 Munich

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