jambit zieht ins KapWest am Hirschgarten

Green light for the new jambit office in Munich Hirschgarten: designing, developing, everything flows!

Munich in December. Passing a royal parkway, Nymphenburg Palace in the dawn. Going further south heading for Friedenheimer Brücke 20. Taking the elevator, getting a warm welcome at the reception, a view of the dense Indonesian jungle. In the corridors, the smell of fragrant coffee with aromas of honey and chocolate. Jacket off, laptop on, view outside. There is snow on the Karwendelgebirge – during the lunch break: not forget to make plans for a ski trip with the colleagues!

This is more or less how more than 240 jambitees started their first working day this morning in the new Munich jambit office at the centrally located Hirschgarten. Since December 2, 2019, the new headquarter has opened its doors for coding, foosballing and living. And those involved in the move feel relieved now: the jambit "movers", the CEOs Peter Fellinger and Markus Hartinger, and of course the employees. Four jambitees look back on the plans, look forward to their daily work and make future plans.

jambitee Michael Kirsch: space and impulse for ideas

The new Munich office is located directly at the S-Bahn station Hirschgarten. This makes it easy to find your way to work. For jambit software architect Michael Kirsch, internally known as "Cherry", evening planning already begins today in the S-Bahn: hardware components, attendees and the most important thing: pizza – are being organized. Together with the trainees prototypes are created within a very short time and with little effort, which make everyday life at jambit easier: True to the motto "be the change", dishwashers and other equipment have so far been equipped with sensors and apps to avoid unnecessary waiting times.

jambit-Gesicht Michael Kirsch

Cherry organizes the regular meetings together with other developers who love to tinker around. "For me, besides the convenient public transport connection to Hirschgarten, the many exchange possibilities are particularly important. Many ideas emerged from walking along the corridor or lunch conversations have already been realized as concrete projects. That's what jambit is all about for me: everyone can participate and we get the confidence and the space to contribute our ideas and improvements". At jambit, Cherry not only accompanies ideas as they grow. As a trainee representative, he navigates safely through the years of training and is a supporter and contact person for the concerns and problems of the youngest jambitees.

jambitee Franziska Kupfer: from coffee bean to brand experience

From Sumatra to Lombok with dry feet and ecologically correct. Around 25 jambit meeting rooms, all named after Indonesian islands, mountains or coffee varieties, were moved to the new office. The building was designed by the architects around Wiel Arets according to the latest ecological standards. How to combine the modern designs of the Dutch office with the jambit brand? Franziska Kupfer, Head of Marketing at jambit, was responsible for all design issues during the move. With a great result: lots of organic material such as wood and green jungle canvases.

jambit-Gesicht Franziska Kupfer

Light, lots of space and a constant level of privacy complete the work experience. "The jambit coffee bean and Indonesia as its origin is the golden thread to run through all the rooms: the architecture of Kap West was fertile ground to express our coffee love and closeness to nature," she grins.

jambitee Markus Hartinger: making plans

"Especially important to me is the staircase, which connects the individual floors of the office and the employees with each other again", Markus Hartinger remarks. The move to the new office shortens the distances between departments at jambit. "Our strength at jambit has always been our closeness to each other. Above all, we want to enable our agile working developers to exchange information and transfer knowledge quickly. Across locations, this works with good technology, but also spatially." In the previous Munich office, at times due to strong growth, we had such a huge lack of space that distances between departments became larger.

jambit-Gesicht Markus Hartinger

In addition to view of the Alps and the internal staircase, Markus Hartinger finds the following especially important: "We want to create the retreats and social areas that make our corporate culture so unique at jambit: jambit band, IoT craft club and other sports and leisure groups will still have their space at Kap West. At the heart of the new office, the spacious Java kitchen, Markus Hartinger meets Peter Fellinger, co-CEO. Making plans and keep it rolling. For the two founders, the company's own café is also important historically. At the end of 1999, the two sat together over a cup of cappuccino in their favourite café "kaffee & mehr" at Viktualienmarkt and the idea for the company name "jambit" was born.

jambitee Ulrike Schopf: seven kilometers from project number to automotive app

Deeply absorbed in her work some minutes ago, she has now just changed her blazer for the sporty running shirt. At 2 p.m., she has the next appointment. When Ulrike Schopf goes running – then she does it properly. The running group is organized in the internal Wiki, depending on speed and daily form. In the foyer, she meets her colleagues and running buddies: Helmut, Markus and Nina. The three are system engineer, CEO and recruiter at jambit. The royal trail leads past the canal, over the west side of the large cascade in the Schlosspark Nymphenburg.

jambit-Gesicht Ulrike Schopf

"For me, the running group is the optimal team exchange. In controlling, it's all about numbers and figures. At our weekly running date, impersonal project numbers get real faces. During running, I get to know first-hand which automotive app our developers are currently working on. With the move to Hirschgarten, the proximity to nature, and the shower facilities in the office, my lunch breaks remain sporty," says Ulli Schopf, Head of Finance at jambit. If, in contrast to her, you find it too uncomfortable to power out during the cold winter, the new Munich office has a 40 squaremeter room with foosball tables.

Das neue jambit Büro im KapWest am Hirschgarten

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