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Facts and advantages of the new jambit office at Hirschgarten in Munich

Central location, more space, versatile compensation

Soon, on November 18, the time will have come: The jambit headquarters in Munich move to Kap West at Hirschgarten. The new building complex, in which jambit will occupy a total of four floors, is a complete new building in the middle of the "Am Hirschgarten" quarter. A new central area with apartments, shops and offices is currently being built there. And also our jambitees will soon feel at home there, given the proximity to the Munich main train line, Hirschgarten or the Backstage.

An office with a view of the Alps? Many dream of it, for some jambitees it will become reality! During a round tour through the office, jambitees and visitors will be able to enjoy the view over Munich's city center. Especially from the 13th floor, there is a wonderful view of famous sights, the surrounding districts and the mountains. The striking construction of Kap West with its many long windows emphazises the perfect panoramic view even more.

Alpenblick vom Münchner jambit Büro

But it was not only the location that convinced the CEOs to move to the new office. Already in 2017, both of them decided to move the headquarters to the Kap West building. As a result, jambit was able to have a decisive influence on the premises early on during construction and to get the office customized according to jambit's needs. The total of 6,535 square meters will not only offer our jambitees considerably more space in the future, but also many proven and new special features. In addition to the 25 meeting rooms and eight distributed kitchens, the jambitees can look forward to a wide range of compensation options.

Distributed over four floors, there will be enough space to relax and read, live it up creatively, and to spend time in the gigantic foosball room, for what is probably the most popular jambit leisure activity. For other sports activities, there will be showers and a bicycle cellar. The big terrace will serve well for eating lunch or just taking a break. All facts about the new Munich jambit office can be found in the following graphic.

Fakten zum jambit Standort München

Interview with Alexandra Mächtel, Head of Human Resources at jambit

Central location, more space and versatile compensation – Alexandra Mächtel explains ...

why the new jambit office is a passion project,

how employees will improve networking

and what is so special about the new premises.

Alexandra Mächtel

Alexandra, what are the advantages of the new jambit office in general?

The location "at the next (train) station" at Hirschgarten is once again an investment into the attractiveness of jambit locations. In Leipzig, we are sitting in the middle of the old town, in a few weeks the Stuttgart office will be moving from the Vaihingen traffic junction to an even better location in the middle of the city. Both offices in Leipzig and Stuttgart are within walking distance of their city's main station. And the Munich jambitees have also gotten used to the proximity to the main train line. This costs more rent, but provides lots of opportunities: you can live in Munich's vicinity without having any problems to access to office with public transport within an acceptable amount of time. The proximity to the main station even makes it possible to commute to us from very far away. And since we are almost continuously travelling by train between the jambit offices in Germany, we are very well connected. As the jambitees like to use public transport and jambit pays for the local monthly tickets, one can make good use of the travel times by learning or working. And it is also ecological. Just as natural as the many cyclists who will continue to find their way to the new office on beautiful paths.

Many jambitees use their lunch break for sports activities. That's why we have taken care to have plenty of green space right in front of the office door: for soccer on Friday noon, CrossFit training twice a week and for the many running groups, which are sorted by pace and can take different (from small to large) rounds through the Hirschgarten or surrounding other parks. In Kap West, a fantastically well-equipped gym will open in spring 2020 and the open-air training facilities on Birketweg, including a basketball court for our street basketball team, are just a few minutes' walk away.

The location directly next door to the Backstage club offers music fans and party-lovers the opportunity to let off steam. And all in all, we are curious to see what will happen culturally in the neighbourhood with the Parcel Post Hall in terms of city planning.

How will jambitees manage to work together even more productively in the future?

At jambit, it is very important to us that every jambitee has their own permanent workplace. You can arrange your family photos and nerd props on the table and on the walls to express your personality in the most amusing way. The sports equipment and ingredients for lunch can be stored at your work place and the equipment can be adapted to the personal requirements of ergonomic work. Our team offices in Kap West will also have glass walls facing the corridors, so that you can work in a friendly and bright office without being isolated, but still be acoustically separated. Since our office in Nymphenburger Straße, the glass walls have developed their own character code – for example, to search for foosball contestants or to check whether the colleague in the office is on the phone. These glass walls are a real Best Practice, which we have adopted in our following office plans.

In an office, there is usually space for four jambitees, but at the request of the larger teams we have again planned offices for eight to ten people so that cooperation can run smoothly. Despite all the remote distribution, personal communication is always the best option.

That's why the internal staircase is one of the best things we'll have in Kap West. We were able to order this requirement at an early stage of construction and it will connect our core floors from the 4th to the 6th floor without having to open heavy fire doors. This means that all paths will be much shorter in the future. In our previous office, in which we grew more and more and spread over several floors and staircases, one hardly had the possibility to walk "quickly" to a colleague's workplace for personal clarification of small requests. It's a huge advantage that our culture will be more communicative again in the future – also with regard to our NewWork efforts. That's why we want to stay in one location in Munich and not spread any further. Our central location allows us to reach our customers very quickly.

The additional 13th floor in Kap West will offer us completely new perspectives. Not only the great view in all directions, i.e. Alps, Munich city center, Nymphenburg, Olympiapark and also the tracks, to whose meditative effect we have become accustomed in the old office at Donnersberger Brücke. The space will above all serve our further training program, which we will only organize outside the jambit premises in the future if it is needed to get a little distance from the office. With our extensive range of further training courses, at least one course will always be held at our premises, usually even several at the same time. The jambit academy will also take place in the 13th floor, as well as our self-initiated and hosted Meetups, so that guests can also take advantage of this great area. Our knowledge management team is so excited about the 13th floor that we are really motivated to start the new year and have a thousand ideas about what to do there.

The tech interviews as part of the application process will also be held there. One can only hope that the breathtaking view will not distract the applicants too much!

And what is so special about the new premises? What role do social areas play, for example?

On the 4th to 6th floor, we fairly distributed our known and established social areas and some new hotspots. Of course, there's a foosball room again – with good sound insulation. There is also a sleeping and rest room. The agile jambit band gets a new rehearsal room – full of metal! – in the basement directly below the entrance to the underground car park. Not only the cars will bounce during the rehearsals but also our jambitees during the band performances at future summer and Christmas parties!

Our "Java" will be very central again – the big café with professional coffee machines (there is a "how to" for every jambitee on their first day). In addition, there are possibilities to prepare and warm up simple dishes, or to organize a team "Weißwurstfrühstück) or a pasta party. The Java offers plenty of space for a cosy meal together and for informal meetings – and if the weather is fine you can additionally use the large roof top terrace including the Weber grill.

Each area also has its own central coffee kitchen, so that the next water dispenser is never far away from your workplace and you can sit down for a short meeting. Informal work, meeting and telephone corners are spread out everywhere and beautifully designed – for every taste. The fact that we are getting a lot of new meeting rooms also relaxes the scheduling. Everything is not just technically top equipped but also beautifully and comfortably furnished.

To summarize the whole thing again: the new jambit office in Kap West is a project of heart. It will reunite all jambitees and we will all have a lot of fun working and being together. We can hardly wait!

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