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Professional software development for physicists

From programming to software development

Programming and software development relate to each other in the same ways as mathematics and physics: The former is an important tool for the latter.

However, whereas programming is an integral part of the physics curriculum, software development is only a marginal topic.

To fill this gap and to introduce the interesting profession of software development to physics students, jambitee Thomas Müller gives the lecture „Professional software development for physicists“ at the LMU for the second time already.

He conveys relevant skills, tools and methods of software development and project management and provides first-hand insights into the everyday life of a developer.

Amongst others, these topics will be covered:
• Design Patterns
• Architecture with UML
• Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development
• Project management
• Agile development, Scrum, Kanban
• User Experience (UX), Interaction Design
• Physicists as software developers – Stories of everyday life

For more information and the contact details of the lecturer, please visit the lecture page of the LMU.

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