Einweihungsfeier Leipzig

Office Opening Party Leipzig

Big Opening

Cocktails, Talks and Retro Games: Last week our new Leipzig office was inaugurated. Over 60 internal and external guests celebrated until late at night.

jambitees do not just understand software development and at least after the latest office opening on June 21st, this is known by everyone. Since the beginning of May, jambit has had its third location in the IT stronghold of Leipzig. A five-member team moved into the 280 square meters of the charming old building right in the middle of the city. And this had to be celebrated.

In addition to 30 selected business partners and new neighbors, jambitees from other locations were also invited to celebrate with their partners and friends – with cocktails, a delicious flying buffet, our legendary jambit coffee and the program highlight: Retro Games.

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Not only in source codes a good program

Let's play

With the motto "Retro Games", the third and until now the most northern location of the "Münchner Kindl" opened its doors in the IT stronghold of Leipzig. At various gaming consoles and gaming stations, the guests could compete in gaming while enjoying a fruity cocktail. Thanks to our games partner Retro Games store (located in Leipzig), only the best of the 'oldest' was offered:

  • From Gameboy to Nintendo 64
  • From smart TV to the good old tube TV
  • From Super Mario to PAC-MAN

And honestly: When was the last time you have been able to watch a group of 5 people playing Worms?

Pure variety

As usual at opening parties, once the guests arrived, we took them through the office. Regarding the big eyes of some jambitees, at this time one or the other has already pondered about a transfer to Leipzig. In addition to the incredible location, right in the city center (just a ten minutes walk from the main train station), the guests were already impressed by the building itself: it's the most beautiful late baroque house in the area. The spacious, bright office offers plenty of space for workplaces, meetings, retreats and enough room for future strengthening of the Leipzig jambitees.

According to the jambit-style, no expense and effort was spared in terms of food and drink. An exotic welcome drink was just perfect at the beginning of a varied evening. Two bartenders took exclusively care of the thirsty guests and the large buffet provided the people with different delicacies.

The decoration, thought through to the smallest detail, made the stage perfect. And if you wanted to get in motion after a thrilling round of Mario Kart, you could let your hips circle for good music. But we were particularly pleased that we were able to get to know our neighbors in person. Thus, the relaxed afternoon became an exuberant evening – and this to funny morning hours.

Our conclusion: a great opening party.

A big thanks to all guests for the numerous appearance and to the organizers and helpers. We hope that we could once again express our appreciation to our (new and old) jambitees with this party. It is you who make us to much more than one of the best employers in Germany.

Everyone, whose interest in an exciting job at jambit is now aroused, is welcome to inform himself about our great job offers in Leipzig:

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