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Simple. Culture for everyone.

What the german organization 'Die Tafel' is for food, the 'KulturRaum München' is for culture. The non-profit organization has set itself the goal to let everyone participate in the diverse, cultural life in Munich – even people with low income.

Munich is quite expensive. Sometimes, not everyone can afford a regular visit to a theater, cinema or concert. Therefore more than 150 volunteers help to provide free tickets for cultural events. All people shall be able to participate in the cultural life of the city of Munich.

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jambit donates technical equipment

There are so many tickets, projects and campaigns that have to be organized and managed. Brokering entrance cards, coordinating volunteers and managing cultural guests – all this needs software support. And to use programs, applications and software, technical equipment is urgently needed. Specially when funds are limited.

We are very pleased to support such an initiative with a laptop donation. Today, jambit was visited by two volunteers of the KulturRaum. Sophie Marschall and Nikolaus Schön did not miss the chance to pick up our small donation for the organization in person.

Photo: Claus Gratzl, Nikolaus Schön, Sophie Marschall, Franziska Kupfer (f.l.t.r.)

First row support

As of now, two jambit laptops take place in the front row support. Thanks to the mobile devices, the KulturRaum can be active with the local people, outside the office – and can give even more joy of life to Munich's culture lovers.

The KulturRaum already counts more than 10,000 Munich residents among its cultural guests, it has so far provided more than 80,000 tickets. But not everyone with low income knows the great offer of the organization. Others are reluctant to accept such gifts in their situation. Personal contact can arouse the enthusiasm and desire for culture even more.

For example, KulturRaum, together with Tafel München, is planning to promote its diverse cultural program at the food distribution points. On the spot, volunteers can help when registering a KulturGast. They can also supplement the areas of interest and set the KulturGast directly on the "virtual queue" for his desired event.

  • CULTURE ON-SITE! With the support of jambit, that works now! With two donated Laptops from the Munich software company, it is now also possible to think about online ticketing, e.g. directly at our info booths in social centers. Thank you very much and best regards to your very nice team.

    Sophie Marschall and Nikolaus Schön, KulturRaum München

Offerings that suit every taste.

After seven years, the cultural network has grown tremendous. Almost no cultural organizer in Munich does not know KulturRaum München. The organization has already gained around 260 cultural partners, who regularly provide unsold tickets or special contingents for concerts, theater, cabaret, readings and cinema. In addition to further 120 cultural sponsors and more than 500 social partners, even the City of Munich supports this initiative with its social department.

With a lot of dedication, various projects and campaigns, the organization helps to pick up on lost habits, distract from everyday worries or even enables to make new experiences. For young and old, for families and young people, no matter what their origin. If you are a registered KulturGast within the organiziation, you can attend a whole bunch of cultural events...and all free of charge.

True to the saying "happines is the only thing that doubles when you share it" (Albert Schweitzer), every single guest receives a second ticket on request to invite an accompaniment of his choice.

KulturRaum München

At this point we would like to thank again Sophie Marschall and Nikolaus Schön, who, together with their colleagues, achieve so much and make KulturRaum München e.V. become strong. We are pleased to support this valuable organization with a bit of technical equipment.

If you have been as impressed with this club as we are with you, we invite you to click through Website KulturRaum München.

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