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Digitales Flottenmanagement: Innovative Softwarelösungen für die Automotive-Branche

Fleet management describes the administration, planning, and control of B2B vehicle fleets in small businesses up to large customers. Examples include fleets of company cars or the commercial vehicles of a logistics company. It supports the added value of a company by getting the most out of resources and services, as well as by anticipating and solving problems. Digital offerings can even optimize these aspects.

On this page, you can learn more about how companies can benefit from software solutions in the area of digital fleet management and how jambit as a software service provider can support you in their development.

Optimized fleet management through digital services

As part of digitization, digital fleet management is state-of-the-art nowadays. It optimizes communication and processes between fleet managers, vehicles, and drivers. Based on real-time data from the vehicles, digital fleet management offers a wide range of benefits. Starting with just-in-time order management, through the minimization of downtimes by predictive maintenance, to operational evaluations within the framework of business intelligence. With these and other services, digital fleet management systematically relieves dispatching, optimizes route planning, and enables operational process optimization and cost reductions.

Digital fleet management enables a range of new services:

  • Timely and efficient planning of service appointments and maintenance work and a resulting reduction in downtimes.
  • Increased efficiency through fast and flexible job planning. More efficient fleet capacity utilization through the use of vehicle data such as location and (remaining) distances.
  • Commercial vehicles become distributed and moving warehouse capacities. The connection to a warehousing system allows tracking and reroutig goods during delivery.
  • Optimized route planning by integrating real-time traffic data and POI (point of interest) dispatch through fleet management.
  • Driving style analysis through vehicle data to optimize fuel or energy consumption.
  • Simplification of communication between fleet managers and drivers through direct messaging.
  • Introducing digital logbooks that automatically log trips.
  • Remote vehicle operation for (un)locking the vehicle. Transparency and control over auxiliary heating or other equipment features.
  • Theft protection through the use of geofences in whose area vehicles are allowed to move.
  • Intelligent charging management for staggered charging and pre-air conditioning of the fleet.

Individual solutions for digital fleet management

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Since jambit's foundation in 1999, automotive projects have been an integral part of our portfolio. jambit was not only involved in many technical developments and future topics from day one, but also supported the success of our customers in a sustainable way.

Over the decades, jambit has been able to build up extensive automotive know-how in a number of cross-OEM projects. The following project selection underlines jambit's capabilities and enthusiasm for digital fleet management solutions and provides insights into various use cases:

Digital fleet management solutions

  • Implementation of Mercedes PRO fleet management solutions for manager and driver services as well as the establishment of digital business models.
  • Implementation of a web portal and smartphone apps for more efficient fleet management.
  • Features include e.g. driver's app logbook, driver deployment planning, organization of fleet maintenance, monitoring of vehicle safety, technical parameters, and charging management of electric vehicles.

Service landscapes for mobile charging

  • Development and provision of the service landscape for mobile charging of the battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle fleet of Daimler AG.
  • Design and implementation of a secure and globally scalable cloud infrastructure with highest cost efficiency.
  • Implementation of back-end services, e.g. for locating charging stations, starting and stopping charging processes, and calculating charging costs.

Digital mobility services

  • Implementation of the premium mobility service Audi on demand.
  • Development of coordinated microservices for the domain's users, booking, vehicle and billing invoicing payment.
  • Feature development includes, e.g. automatic reading of vehicle data, implementation of complex booking rules such as vehicle delivery and pick-up, or the connection of external payment service providers and automatic invoicing.

Social Car Sharing

  • Development of the social car sharing product Audi Unite, incl. back-end and app.
  • Native iOS app as a uncomplicated communication tool for groups of up to five people sharing one Audi.
  • Development of a microservice back-end with ≈ 50 REST resources for e.g. vehicle status processing, cost accounting, and data management.

Connectivity solutions and platform services

  • Development of connectivity solutions and platform services for BMW ConnectedDrive as intelligent networking of information, communication, and assistance systems inside and outside the vehicle.
  • Implementation of BMW Online's specialist services, which are offered on the BMW Online internet or vehicle portal and which directly provide the customer with a specialist benefit.
  • Complete new development of existing services and realization of new use cases, as well as support for the migration of inventory data from the previous service provider.

We are very proud of our contribution to these success stories and pioneering projects. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, we implement turnkey solutions in digital fleet management not only in time, in budget, and in quality, but also with 100% enthusiasm.

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Philip Achenbach

Head of Business Division Automotive

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