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Physics and Software?

High potentials for physicists

What does software development relate to physics? Computers are an integral part of it. Tasks such as designing experiments, data analysis and simulation are much easier to set up and solve thanks to technical support, programming and software tools. According to a DPG study, 15% of physicists work as computer scientists, mathematicians or cyberneticians. The proportion of physicists entering the software industry after graduation is probably much higher.

Physics students receive an introduction to programming as standard in their studies in order to translate simple physical and numerical problems into programs. More or less, this lectures deal with different programming languages, technologies and the programming by itself. Those interested in professional software development will quickly realize that standard lectures provide not sufficient information.

Basic tools of software development

On December 15th 2017, physics students and doctoral candidates of the Johannes Gutenberg-Universtät (JGU) in Mainz had the opportunity to gain first-hand skills, tools and experiences of the interesting profession of a software developer. In his short lecture Software Architect David Heereman, himself former Postdoctoral Research Associate of the JGU Mainz, provided a practical insight into the software development.

The basics of software development have been also part of the presented toolset for physicists. What does a software developer actually do – besides programming? How do I find the right employer? And how do I prepare for a job as a software developer? David explained connections between programming and software development. And he cleared up with common stereotypes and misunderstandings. The final question and answer session was extensively used by the students for further personal exchange.

You are an aspiring physicists with a passion for IT?

We are absolutely open to programming-enthusiastic graduates of other disciplines. jambit also supports internships, student work positions and theses.

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