Give IT to Peter – Progress report

Our Kenyan scholar on his way to studying IT

Since 2014, jambit supports the Kenyan teenager Peter with the Aiducation scholarship “Give IT 2 Peter”. The scholarship allows him to complete high school and getting closer to his dream of studying IT.

As scholarship provider, we receive an annual progress report with personal messages and school reports of our „Aidufellow“. We are keeping an interested watch on Peter’s development. By now, he is 17 years old and - typically for this phase of life - his academic performance has been characterized by some ups and downs. However, since mid-2015, Peter has worked his way up to the best students of his year and he has kept this level in 2016. For the second year in a row, he is even top of the class in the subject “Computer”. Good prerequisites for his plan of studying IT after completing high school!

We continue to support Peter’s educational path and keep our fingers crossed that he can realize his dream!

You would like to learn more about Aiducation or support a scholarship yourself? Find more information on the website of the organization: Aiducation International.

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