Head of Banking & Insurance Stefan Weiß
  • , 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Munich, Germany

PSD2 - New rules for shops, banks and customers

Online Payment and the new Payment Services Directive 2

The implementation of the next stage of the Payment Services Directive PSD2 on September 14, 2019 brought many changes for online providers and their customers. The Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) created new rules for both sides concerning online payment. But also the communication between companies and banks is changing due to this "strong customer authentication" of the Payment Services Directive 2.

On 24 October 2019, the IHK Munich and Oberbayern dedicates an evening of their "netzblicke" series to the effects of the PSD2 on online payment. Our jambitee Stefan Weiss, Head of Business Division Banking & Insurance, is attending as a speaker and will provide insights into the history, background and current impact of PSD2.

At first, he will describe the development of the European Payment Area with IBAN, SEPA and more recently PSD2. Stefan then addresses the question "How does payment traffic work and which role do banks, payment service providers, credit card issuers and customers play in this?". He will also outline the changes of the Payment Services Directive 2 for companies and banks. For example, open interfaces could fundamentally change the role of banks.

How does access to bank accounts change when making transfers, or does the accounting software need updating? How do you communicate the new two-factor authentication to the customers? These are further questions that Stefan Weiss will address in his presentation PSD2 - New rules for shops, banks and customers.

Register here to take part: https://www.ihk-muenchen.de/veranstaltung/detail.jsp?id=20246&c

Stefan Weiß über die Payment Services Directive PSD2

The key facts about the PSD2 event at a glance:

  • WHO? Stefan Weiss, Head of Business Division Banking & Insurance at jambit
  • WHAT? Talk on PSD2 - New rules for shops, banks and customers
  • WHEN? Thursday, Oktober 24, 2019, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • WHERE? IHK Campus (A&B), Orleansstraße 10-12, 81669 Munich, Germany

PSD2 and Open Banking – The European Revolution | jambit CoffeeTalk

Also at jambit, Stefan Weiss has held a lecture about the consequences and chances of PSD2 in one of our CoffeeTalks. Have a look at the video clip below (in German).

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