Styled-Components für React-Applikationen in CSS

React Styled-Components

Problem: Bugs due to Global Reach of CSS

“Two CSS properties walk into a bar. A barstool in a completely different bar falls over.” – Any developer who has ever dealt with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) knows the issue meant in this joke: CSS has global reach. Unwanted side effects and bugs are the results, which causes unnecessary extra development effort. In current projects, I was particularly confronted with the following problems:

  • Collisions of class names
  • Conflicting CSS rules
  • Difficulties in eliminating “dead code”

Solution: Styled-Components for React Applications

For React applications, styled-components provide an elegant solution to the above-mentioned problems. Styled-components define CSS-based styling in a modular way for other React components (see example below). They are declared directly in the JavaScript code and act as wrappers for other components in the virtual DOM.

Mapping components and styles is no longer done manually during development (for example via class names), but is implicitly regulated by the library using generated class names. In this way, you can affect the core problem – the global reach of CSS.

By assigning the CSS rules – specified in a styled-component ­– only to the respective components, the scope is limited to the components the programmer has determined. At the same time, the defined styling remains reusable, is clearly separated from functional and state-related components and integrates intuitively into the code structure of a React application.

Styled-components define CSS-based styling in a modular way

Further Aspects

styled-components for react applications in CSS

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