Toilet paper #106

Before I get stuck, I’d rather use MapStruct


An unpopular and error-prone task, which is recurring especially in multi-layered architectures, is the writing of mapper classes for similar objects, e.g. between database entities and request / response DTOs. Writing unit tests for such mappers is also cumbersome.


The Java library MapStruct ( takes on this task by generating mapping code automatically, based on annotations.


  • Generation at compile time: no influence on performance
  • Generated code uses getter / setter methods, so it's type safe, easy to debug and to understand / extend
  • Reasonable default conventions, behavior can easily be overwritten


Two complementary classes (getter / setter methods not shown):

public class CupOfCoffee {
    private Enums.Brand brand;
    private double temperature;
    private int volume;
    private double milk;
    private double sugar;
    private boolean isCorretto;
public class CupOfCoffeeDTO {
    private String brand;
    private String temperature;
    private int volumeOfCup;
    private double milk;
    private double sugar;
    private boolean isCorretto;

MapStruct base class:

@Mapper(componentModel = "spring")
public abstract class CoffeeMapper {
    @Mapping(source = "volume", target = "volumeOfCup")
    @Mapping(source = "temperature", target="temperature", numberFormat = "$#.0")
    public abstract CupOfCoffeeDTO toCupOfCoffeeDTO(CupOfCoffee entity);

    public abstract CupOfCoffee toCupOfCoffee(CupOfCoffeeDTO dto);

While compiling, MapStruct generates the mapping code according to the annotations. The explicit @Mapping annotations are only needed for non-trivial mappings (such as different variable names, number formats, etc.). The abstract class can still be extended by explicit mapping functions.


  • You have to recompile after each change of the abstract mapper class
  • Sometimes does not work very well with Lombok (another annotation-based code generator)
Toilet paper #106: MapStruct

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