Reference platform for OpenSource IVI of GENIVI-Alliance

Customer: GENIVI Alliance
Project: Development and introduction of a reference platform for open-source IVI

Logo der GENIVI Alliance
Die GENIVI-Plattform
  • GENIVI is a non-profit consortium in the automotive industry consisting of OEMs, Tier1s, suppliers and chip manufacturers involved in advancing the widespread introduction of a reference platform for open-source IVI (In-Vehicle-Infotainment: audio, video, navigation, Internet, telephoning, etc.)
  • The aim is to pool member's requirements, design a reference platform, offer certification programs and establish a lively system for the development of third-party applications that is supported by all vehicles in the GENIVI Alliance
  • The GENIVI platform consists of Linux-based core services (kernel, libraries), middleware and an open user interface
  • The platform forms the basis upon which automobile manufacturers and their suppliers can establish a wide variety of products and services
  • jambit is an Associate Member and supports GENIVI in specifying and defining the software architecture
  • jambit gives advice and monitors numerous open-source issues, including license questions, choice of components, and release processes
  • GENIVI has the potential for an open source revolution: The transition is not only taking place in separate companies, but in the whole sector. jambit is proud to be a leading party of this movement.

    M. T. K., Open Source Specialist and Project Lead


  • Through the use of open-source software and development methods, Alliance members are given total control over the progress and alignment of software solutions and innovations
  • Development costs are cut dramatically: code developed in software projects flows into the open-source system, automobile-specific components are developed jointly by all members within the framework of the Alliance
  • The In-Vehicle-Infotainment software landscape is extended, new partners and business models emerge within the eco-system
  • jambit deploys open-source experts who are global leaders in the field

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