Agile organization, development and operation at Swiss Life

Customer: Swiss Life
Project: agile organization, agile development, agile operation

Agile Organisation, agile Entwicklung, agiler Betrieb für Swiss Life
jambit Innovationstory Swiss Life Banking & Insurance

Agile Organization

  • Introduction of agile methods according to the company's requirements
  • Employee training "on the job"
  • On-site support by software architects, project managers, Scrum masters and consultants

Agile Development

  • Conception and implementation of a reference architecture for further in-house developments
  • Implementation of a Microservice Architecture
  • Selection and introduction of efficient development tools
  • Replacement of old systems without endangering operational safety

Agile Operation

  • Providing a secure, highly available and scalable application platform
  • Support of the entire application lifecycle (DevOps)
  • Conversion to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Introduction of professional deployment and management tools
  • Together with jambit, we have taken a big step forward and are now well prepared for further challenges of digital transformation.

    Dr M. T., COO, Swiss Life


  • Cooperative "leap into cold water"
  • Extensive modernization of structures and processes in the company
  • Successful introduction and establishment of Scrum in several teams
  • Know-how transfer to the customer through cooperation in all functions during planning and implementation
  • Independent continuation of the agile work culture and methods by the customer after the end of the project
  • 100% enthusiasm among team members and management

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