The corona pandemic showed us: Great collaboration and top results work at jambit regardless of where you work. That's why we want to stick to this in the future and expanded our workplace portfolio by two models. jambit now also offers X-Office & remote work!

What does remote work mean?

In general, remote work means work that can be done from anywhere. It can be done on a PC and online.

There are numerous jobs that can be optimally done online. These include jobs in programming, web and graphic design, project management and consulting. This is exactly what jambit's field of activity covers. This allows us to offer our jambitees hybrid and remote jobs without any problems.

But what exactly does remote work at jambit mean?

Our jambitees have the opportunity to work hybrid in X-Office. At jambit, X-Office is the generic term for all forms of remote working. You can choose between home office or office every day. Completely flexible and individual, depending on your personal situation and preferences.

But we go one step further. Our employees don't only have the option of working from home, but also from anywhere. For us, this means working from any location. Whether at home, on the beach, in the park or working completely online from a small vacation apartment in the south.

Wintering in the Mediterranean and still not using your annual vacation, but simply working from there. After a few weeks, you can then return to the office to your nice colleagues at your well-equipped workplace. This is now easily possible at jambit, because the X-Office also includes the Mobile Office concept.

Mobile working offers numerous advantages. These include a better work-life balance, which increases the work-life balance.

And those who are drawn further afield now also have the option of working 100% remotely. This is a valuable offer, especially for our jambitees who are relocating or have a long-term wanderlust.

Of course, we also invite our remotees to events, training sessions, kickoffs and workshops in the office. This prevents jambit homesickness from arising in the first place. jambit makes it possible to work at a fixed workplace or completely remotely.

To give all this flexibility and freedom a common framework, we have defined a few principles of collaboration.

X-Office principles at jambit

jambit philosophy

All jambitees working in the x-office are living our jambit philosophy. No matter where they work from – whether from home, the vacation apartment or their favorite spot.


Our jambitees actively seek communication within their team, even across projects. They regularly exchange information and independently ensure a good distribution of knowledge.


Our jambitees always communicate their availability to their team, stick to it and are actually available at those times.

Working environment

Our jambitees make sure they are in an optimal working environment. Optimal means something different for everyone. Our working models are as individual as our jambitees. It is important to us that they can work in a concentrated and focused manner and continue to successfully implement projects – no matter where they are working from.

Work location

Our jambitees organize their remote and office work in such a way that they achieve the best possible work result. If necessary, they miss the jambit office, or the team needs them on-site, they also drop by the office any time.

Why do we offer X-Office?

Even though remote working is often a controversial topic, we made a conscious decision to do so. Collectively known as X-Office, we offer the opportunity to:

  • work 100% in the office,
  • hybrid between office, home office and various locations around the world as well as
  • 100% remote working.

We want to respond to the personal needs of our jambitees in the best possible way. That’s why we have defined these individual work options for ourselves. The good work-life balance and the adaptation to the individual needs of each individual promotes the best possible work performance of our jambitees.

Each of our employees has a personal preference how the ideal workplace looks like. Therefore, a flexible choice of work location is essential for us to ensure the satisfaction of our jambitees. We highly value the individuality of our employees, which is why we want to support them. An important point here is to respond to their needs in the best possible way.

While some like to chat with colleagues in the office, others prefer to be undisturbed at home. Conversely, others prefer to go to the office because they can't concentrate as well at home. Some prefer a strict separation of work and private life, while others are happy to save the commute.

There are numerous arguments for and against remote working. We’re convinced that with a lot of flexibility, our jambitees will find the best way for themselves.

Are you also a passionate software developer and want to master exciting and challenging software projects with jambit? Then browse through our vacancies!



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