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Interactive forms with Formik


Interactive forms should meet the following requirements:

  • Input fields should be validated.
  • The user should get feedback.
  • The submit button could be disabled while the form is submitted.

Of course, we can implement these requirements using React alone. But for that, we would need to write a lot of code in React. We could abstract a lot of things, but why reinventing the wheel?


Formik help us developing our forms by taking care of recurring tasks (e.g. form state, validation, error handling).

It is a popular library and mentioned in React's documentation as a fully-fledged solution – see below. It has a clear API and is very easy to integrate into projects.


Example form with Formik and Yup as optional helper library (import instructions are omitted for space reasons)
const formSchema = Yup.object({
  username: Yup.string().min(2, "At least 2 characters").required("Required"),

type FormValues = Yup.InferType<typeof formSchema>;
type Props = { initialValues: FormValues };

export const FormikForm = ({ initialValues }: Props) => {
  const formik = useFormik<FormValues>({
    validationSchema: formSchema,
    onSubmit: (v: FormValues) => { setTimeout(() => setSubmitting(false), 900); }
  const { isSubmitting, errors, touched, values, setSubmitting,
    handleBlur, handleChange, handleSubmit } = formik;

  return (
    <form onSubmit={handleSubmit}>
        <input name="username"
              onChange={handleChange} />
      {touched.username && errors.username && (
            <span aria-live="polite">{errors.username}</span>)}
      <button type="submit" disabled={isSubmitting}>Send</button>
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Author: Kemal Kaya / Software Engineer / Business Division New Business

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