jambitees donate more than 80,000 €

#standwithukraine – jambitees support those affected

So far, jambit has deliberately not participated in communication about the Russia-Ukraine conflict. However, our jambitees had numerous ideas next to private initiatives. We want to thank everyone for those small or big ideas, the mutual will to help and the coordination of all support measures.

We especially want to highlight one measure, which was contributed by an employee: our jambitees donate their TIME – and jambit rounds up a lot!

Holiday and overtime hours as a financial donation? How does it work?!

TIME is our greatest asset as a software service provider. Time means sales. Time, which our employees take for projects, is billable to our customers and brings jambit money. Easily explained. But time is also limited. If one hour is over, it can’t be retaken. Time is our most valuable resource.

Our jambitees donate this time now. But how? All our employees have an overtime account for life, on which they can collect overtime hours. These can later be used as holiday, paid sabbatical or you can have the hours paid out. jambitees book the selected time contingent to an extra donation project from this account. They donate their time with that and accept money or free time losses.

Our jambitees collected a sum of 54,599.36 € with this voluntary conversion of holiday and overtime hours in one week. Unbelievable! We are very proud of this fast and effective initiative of collecting money and the big will to donate. jambit also put 50% on top to this sum. And that’s why we can proudly announce that we donate a total amount of 81,899.04 €.

Our jambitees choose three organizations for their donation

And who profits from this sum? We also asked our jambitees: Where should the donation for Ukraine go? Every employee could choose which organization (or all three) should receive a donation. This week we will transfer the following sums to those three organizations:

Transferring money has rarely felt so good. We already knew that our jambitees are very solidary and that we can achieve lots of things together. But we didn’t even dream that we could collect such a large amount of money. We are very thankful that we got so many generous employees and that we can support people with this money. We hope that we can make a valuable impact for all people affected with this donation.

We are looking for imitators!

We also want to encourage other companies to take up our initiative. If you work with overtime or lifetime accounts, please consider this way to donate. The leverage is really big and so is the will to help.


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