Are you leaving the Green Zone?!

Here's what you need to consider.

jambit's premises are divided into three security zones. There are different rules for entering and staying in these zones, which are binding for employees, customers, suppliers and other guests.

Security Zones

Green Zone

Within the Green Zone, employees, customers and other visitors are allowed to move freely. As long as external persons, such as suppliers, customers, or applicants stay within this zone, they do not necessarily have to be signed in at the reception and do not have to wear a badge.

The Green Zone encompasses the entire reception area including the Java and Deli cafes, the Sumatra, Lombok and Biang meeting rooms, the toilets in the entrance area and the corridor to the Java and Deli cafes.


Yellow Zone

In the Yellow Zone, all employees of jambit are allowed to move freely. In the Yellow Zone, all persons must always wear a visible badge – either a permanent one for employees or a temporarily assigned one for all short-term visitors.

All visitors must register at the reception and always wear a visible VISITOR's badge. Visitors are only allowed to stay in meeting rooms, social rooms or in project offices in whose projects they are directly involved. Access to all other rooms is strictly forbidden and requires individual approval. After registering, Craftsmen or other service providers may stay alone in meeting rooms and project offices, as far as this is required. All visitors are prohibited from taking pictures or filming within the Yellow Zone. Exceptions must be expressly approved by an employee at jambit.

The Yellow Zone encompasses all offices without confidentiality projects. In addition, this includes all corridors, social rooms, meeting rooms and toilets that do not belong to the Green Zone.


Red Zone

Safety zones of the "RED" category may only be entered by the persons who are expressly authorized for this purpose. Unauthorized employees and visitors may only stay in these rooms accompanied by an authorized employee. This employee must ensure that confidentiality and privacy are maintained by the visitor and that the visitor is never left alone in the premises.

All rooms in the Red Zone are protected against unauthorized access by means of the electronic locking system. The doors must always be kept closed. This applies in particular if there are no authorized persons in these rooms.

In rooms of the Red Zone, there is a strict ban on filming and photography for all persons. Exceptions have to be decided by the responsible manager or the CEOs.


If you have any questions, please contact the next available jambitee or our colleagues at the reception.

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