JXLS – Generating Excel files easily


You want to generate Excel files in your desired format from the Java backend without being or becoming an Apache POI expert?


Using the Java library JXLS, Excel files with a special markup can be used as a template to generate Excel files with data from the backend in a comparatively simple way.


You want to generate a sales overview with thefollowing backend details for Excel:
interface RevenueDetails {
    String getCustomerId();
    BigDecimal getRevenue();
    int getOrderCount();

The template for the desired format, including the JXLS markup, is generated in Excel.

TP#153 Bild 1 Excel
The following code then generates an Excel file from the backend data and adapts the template’s formulas to the rows:
final Iterable<RevenueDetails> revenueDetails = getRevenueDetails();
try (InputStream is = JxlsExcelWriter.class.getResourceAsStream("template.xlsx")) {
    try (OutputStream os = new FileOutputStream("target/revenue-details.xlsx")) {
        final var context = new Context();
        context.putVar("entries", revenueDetails);
        JxlsHelper.getInstance().processTemplate(is, os, context);
TP#153 Bild 2 Resultat Excel

TP 153 Visual

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Author: Jan Wolter / Senior Software Engineer / Office Leipzig

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