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The management of passwords in project teams is usually either associated with costs (cloud solutions), works only mediocre and is often chaotic (KeePass file stored somewhere) or access to it is limited (e.g., internally available password server).

In addition, all password managers (including the one presented here in the follow-up) have the problem that even after access has been revoked, old passwords can still be accessed via a local older copy. The only solution to that problem is to rotate all passwords.


For everything else there is: gopass! This is a password manager that stores all passwords encrypted with GPG in git (should not be public, because metadata is not encrypted).

Due to compatibility with pass, there is a variety of tools, clients (Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS), and extensions for most browsers. With wrapper scripts and almost arbitrary formatting of the entries you can do pretty much anything and use gopass very individually. So, it can be used by every team member.

In addition, gopass organizes passwords via (multi-)stores, which allows to control access very well. These stores can then be used locally by authorized persons to create the following structure, for example:

Sample data
$ gopass ls
├jambit (/path/to/store/jambit)
│ └mbraun
├project (/path/to/store/project)
| └project.mbraun
└personal (/path/to/store/personal)

$ gopass recipients
├jambit (/path/to/store/jambit)
│└UID1 - M. Braun <mb@jambit.com>
├project (/path/to/store/project)
|├UID1 - M. Braun <mb@jambit.com>
|├UID2 - K. Korn <kk@jambit.com>
│└UID3 - C. Grube <cg@jambit.com>
└personal (/path/to/store/personal)
 ├UID1 - M. Braun <mb@jambit.com>
 └UID4 - M. Braun <mb@gmail.com>
# show entry
$ gopass show jambit/jambit.com/mbraun
Secret: jambit/jambit.com/mbraun
username: mbraun
azure-sub: 12345678-1234-5678-9987-65432112
totp: Base32encodedsecret

# copy password (first line of entry) to clipboard
$ gopass show -c jambit/jambit.com/mbraun
✔ Copied jambit/jambit.com/mbraun to clipboard.

# copy and display OTP token
$ gopass otp -c jambit/jambit.com/mbraun
561091 lasts 18s
✔ Copied token for jambit/jambit.com/mbraun to clipboard.

# copy key/value from entry
$ gopass show -c jambit/jambit.com/mbraun azure-sub
✔ Copied jambit/jambit.com/mbraun to clipboard.
Secret: jambit/jambit.com/mbraun
Key: azure-sub
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Author: Michael Braun / Project Manager / Platforms & Operations

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