USA launch of an innovative app for traffic light phases

AppKit by jambit transmits data between app and car

Together with Connected Signals, BMW has launched an innovative app for traffic light phases in the USA: ‚EnLighten‘. Via GPS, the speed and position of the car are determined and are then matched with the green phases of connected traffic light systems. A countdown shown on their infotainment display gives drivers the information if they will make or miss the next traffic light and how long they have to wait at a red traffic light.

The underlying library which establishes the connection between the app and the BMW Connected Drive system was developed by jambit. The AppKit transmits GPS data from the car to the app and enables the display of the countdown screen and further data on the car’s infotainment display.

Since 2010, jambit is responsible for the (further) development of the Connected Drive apps and the AppKit for iOS at BMW AppCenter. In 2013, the AppKit received the highest BMW-internal award, the Quandt-Ehrenring.