Armin Herzig als Referent auf VVB-Tagung

"Telematics, Connectivity and Insurance"

Speech at the VVB expert group conference „Agility in the Digital Age“

On December 4th, 2015, the expert group conference „Agility in the Digital Age“ of the Association of Insurance Professionals (Vereinigung der Versicherungs-Betriebswirte, VVB) took place in Cologne. In the scope of this event, Armin Herzig, sales director of the Business Division Banking & Insurance at jambit, gave a speech about „Telematics, Connectivity and Insurance“.

In front of an interested audience of around 80 representatives of diverse insurance companies, he talked about future changes in our everyday life due to the interconnectedness of various information systems. He explained that the Internet of Things and the systematic analysis of Big Data enable completely new service and business models for insurance companies. As examples, he mentioned telematics tariffs for car owners based on the individual driving behavior (pay-as-you-drive) and the support of elderly through wearables appropriate for medical use.

Success factors for a stronger positioning of insurance companies in the digital world were attractive, digital client offerings as well as the gradual transformation of the internal IT and overall organization.

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