Studierende der TU München bei jambit

Successful academic cooperation with TU Munich

Students worked on practically oriented tasks by jambit

In cooperation with jambit, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has offered an academic exercise during the winter semester 2016/17. The exercise complemented the lecture „Usability, User Modeling and Software Ergonomics“ for Games Engineering students.

In 4 groups of 6 persons each, the students worked on practically oriented tasks which have been specifically created for the course by jambit. The tasks included for example the conception of an internal room booking app or an app for the company’s fleet administration.

Over a period of 3 months, the students developed comprehensive, written elaborations about their projects: from the user analysis, including the creation of personas and user scenarios, to the implementation of interactive prototypes and usability assessments with the help of test persons.

Martin Wagner, postdoc at TU Munich and academic supervisor of the exercise, draws a positive balance of the cooperation: „jambit has chosen practically oriented tasks which were not too restricted. The topics have been very well received by the students – the results are fresh ideas and good elaborations.“

For the crowning end, the students presented their projects yesterday evening at jambit. Afterwards, they used the opportunity to discover the Munich office and to talk with jambitees in a relaxed atmosphere over a good cup of jambit-coffee.

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