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Programming for artists & designers

Exciting lecture by a jambitee at LMU/TU Munich

No matter if creative ideas should be realized as prototypes with Arduino, Raspberry Pi & Co. or if the communication with software developers in cross-functional teams should be facilitated: Programming skills are a key qualification in many creative professions.

In order to facilitate the entry into the fascinating world of information technology, jambitee Michael Kirsch offers the lecture „Introduction to programming“ to this specific target group for the second time already.
The focus is on easily comprehensible concepts and practically relevant content. With the programming language “Processing”, specifically developed for designers, students get an easy start into programming and experience early learning successes. Later on, the learned concepts are enhanced in Java by the development of a classic game.

Amongst others, these topics will be covered in the lecture:

  • Variables & control structures
  • Interactions with users
  • Graphical representation of information
  • GUI development
  • Game development
  • Design vs. IT: Stories from everyday life

For more information and the contact details of the lecturer, please visit the lecture page of the LMU.

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