Our essentials are finally back on-site

The essentials are jambit's onboarding week for our newbies. New jambitees from all over Germany meet in Munich. Since April, our essentials are finally back on-site. During this onboarding week, our new colleagues get five days of exclusive time and space to settle in – away from the daily project routine and team. After a long series of remote essentials, our 2022 newbies were finally lucky enough to be part of the first on-site onboarding week in a long time. In addition to numerous internal and external trainings and teambuilding workshops, our new jambitees had time to network with their new colleagues. All participating newbies can experience a mixture of introductions to strategy and sales, teambuilding sessions and workshops on Scrum and daily project life. Across divisions, from system administrators and software developers to recruiters and colleagues from marketing and sales. Support is provided by long-term employees and external experts.

Some highlights from the week


We started the week with a relaxed get-to-know-each-other session. With the help of profile templates, our jambitees were able to introduce themselves creatively. This great icebreaker directly led to lots of conversations. This was followed by exciting workshops from long-time jambitees and the management on topics such as strategy, sales and everyday project work. After the lunch break with good food from our beloved caterer, we continued with an external expert on the topic of rhetoric.


The second day of the week was all about rhetoric. With our longtime trainer Rico Chmelik, our newbies learned numerous methods to present themselves optimally in front of an audience. Our jambitees worked out different topics alone and in groups and presented them. Perfectly prepared for their future professional life, our jambitees left the workshop with many new insights.


After two workshops in the morning, all newbies went to Hirschgarten in the afternoon for the team event. Together with our Armenian colleagues, who were just visiting Munich, numerous challenges were mastered in teams. A lot of trust was needed, because one part of the group was blindfolded most of the time. Given instructions by the other jambitees, they had to set up a tent, do fishing, throwing a frisbee or slacklining. Also the construction of a stable "firewall" with collected wooden blocks was a lot of fun! As a reward, everyone was allowed to enjoy a nice evening with pizza & drinks afterwards.


What do swans have to do with software development? Our jambitees were facing this question on Thursday. With fast hands and cool heads, swans were made as part of the workshop "Estimation". How many of these swans can you make in a team of four in 2 minutes? Even though you may never have made them before? Easily eight, right? In fact, not as many as you might think. The rate of misjudgement is still quite high in the first round. But the good thing is that the teams have improved from round to round – in their handicrafts and in their guessing. This also shows that practice makes perfect!


The last day of the week started with a large breakfast. The first thing on the agenda was our jupdate. This is the name of our six-weekly management update on all company internals. For many of our new jambitees it was the first time. So it was all the better to have a front row seat on-site. The rest of the day, our essentials participants listened to further exciting presentations about the daily project life and our jambit culture.

You are also a passionate software developer and want to master every challenge in a team with jambit? Feel free to browse through our vacancies!

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