Franz Haßlberger bei der FAZ

FAZ.NET moves to Azure cloud

From on-premise to cloud

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung is one of the most important German defining medium. At peak times, the site has several hundred thousand hits per minute.

With its own in-house on-premise system, the infrastructure was simply not designed to handle this burden with high performance, security and cost-efficiency. For a publisher like FAZ, it is also almost impossible to build up the necessary technical expertise and development expertise.

That's why Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has taken the step to move, with the help of jambit, its core production system for the entire digital business to the Azure Cloud.

Microsoft Azure

Franz Haßlberger, our Head of Business Division Media, reports in an exclusive interview on how this interdisciplinary flagship project started, how it developed and what challenges were faced then and now.

For more than 2 years, jambit as general contractor owns the main responsibility for backend and infrastructure. How did that come about and what challenges were faced by all participants?

The special challenge was certainly at the beginning of the partnership as to migrate a large, grown over the years system in the Azure Cloud from Microsoft. All this happend for the core system of the digital business and during ongoing operation. This is associated with a great responsibility.

What things within the project were particulary to be aware of? And which highlights and milestones are noteworthy?

The milestone that had definitely weighed the hardest was the go-live of the system in Azure. From this point on we could dedicate to the further development of the system and new features. As special highlights I think of the rebrush of the website and the implementation of the pay strategy. Both projects are strategically critical for the future of FAZ.

Interdisciplinarity, working in cross-functional team - that's what jambit stands for and supports: What could each jambitees contribute the most?

What conclusion does jambit draw from this project?

  • It's remarkable how well the migration to the Microsoft Cloud worked. However, when rolling out large-scale infrastructure projects such as the complex migration of a data and technology platform that has grown over 10 years, it is always advisable to have a roll-back strategy and to have the courage to apply it to the to achieve the desired result.

    T.S.H., Chief Digital Officer, F.A.Z.
  • With the migration of FAZ.NET to azure, everyone has won: our readers benefit from a faster and consistently accessible website, our house benefit from an innovative, low-maintenance and lower-cost IT infrastructure and the media industry benefit from an innovative project in the cloud, not just us bring new and loyal readers.

    T.S.H., Chief Digital Officer, F.A.Z.
Franz Haßlberger bei der FAZ

Curious? There is more about jambit and the project to be discovered.

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