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  • , 6:00 p. m. – 9:00 p. m. Uhr
  • Leipzig, Germany

Meetup Leipzig: Modern React Modularization

When you work on ever-growing frontend projects, at some point you will notice issues with performance and possible maintainability of the huge code-base. You might even think about introducing a micro frontend architecture. One thing you can do is making your code more modular and only load it on demand. jambitee and software engineer at jambit office Leipzig Santo Pfingsten will share his skills and show how to use Redux Dynamic Modules and lazy loading techniques in order to modularize your React/Redux/Saga applications.

The meetup is part of the live coding series Modern React and is organized by the Meetup group ReactJS Meetup Leipzig. Doors will open at 5:45 p. m. An Open-Space-like format afterwards invites everyone to discuss daily React development in small groups. To join the live coding sessions everyone is invited to bring their own notebook.

Recordings from the live-coding Meetup series "Modern React" are also shown on our YouTube channel. The following issues have been addressed so far:

The most important information at a glance:

  • WHO? ReactJS Meetup Leipzig with jambitee Santo Pfingsten
  • WHAT? Modern React Modularization
  • WHEN? 29.01.2020, 6 p. m. – 9 p. m.
  • WHERE? InVision AG, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 8, 04107 Leipzig
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