Electronics Industry

Trends in the Electronics Industry:

Automation technology, electronic household appliances, entertainment electronics and medical technology, but also cutting-edge technology such as chip production and nanotechnology – the spectrum of the electronics industry is wide and extremely dynamic. Through its diverse interfaces, the sector is one of the most important drivers of innovation in Germany and abroad.

Within Industry 4.0, the electronics industry plays a central role. From this sector, important and pioneering technologies are emerging which allow the digitalization and intelligent networking of supply chains. The combination of information and communication technologies with automation technology allows production factories, suppliers and customers to exchange information in a fast and uncomplicated manner across numerous sites. Data can be analyzed easily and automated processes can be remotely controlled.

New sensor and control systems promote energy-efficient and sustainable production. Solutions for smart energy generation, distribution and use are becoming increasingly standardized and modular. Private households, companies and states can operate a flexible and balanced energy management system in Smart Grids across geographical borders. Through the intelligent networking of electronic household appliances, entertainment electronics and energy management systems, the Internet of Things turns the vision of Smart Home into reality.

All of these developments would not be possible without investments in R&D, cross-industry cooperation, and a deep integration of IT in electronics goods. The development and implementation of appropriate system architectures and complex software applications, which guarantee both low rates of error and high data security, present an exciting challenge with important opportunities for the future.

With great expertise and outstanding commitment, jambit has been a reliable partner in developing innovative, intelligent automation solutions.

G. L., Siemens AG

Our competences:

Especially in an innovative, dynamic sector such as the electronics industry, jambit is the right partner. Whether it is about process optimization or the development of completely new business models – with entrepreneurial thinking and deep technological know-how, we support you in realizing your visions for the future. We are building on years of experience in renowned research and development projects in the electronics industry and in related sectors such as the automotive industry or ICT. Our cross-functional teams use customer-specific tools and technologies from the classics to the most cutting-edge such as RTOS (e.g. PikeOS, VxWorks), Embedded Linux, Bluetooth, Wifi, Ethernet, Microservices, NgineX, J2EE, mobile apps for all popular platforms or HTML5 as well as agile and classic methods of software development and project management.

The main focus of our work is on the following areas:

  • Requirements analysis, requirements engineering
  • Development of software solutions for the connection of small, embedded MCU up to large backends in the IoT spirit
  • Connectivity: Connection of diverse devices, systems and platforms on all software and hardware levels
  • Backend development: Cloud solutions (PaaS, IaaS, hybrid), Big Data infrastructures
  • App development: Native (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), HTML5, Hybrid
  • Operations and maintenance of IT solutions

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