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Strategy Days 2012


As a kickoff into the new year we once more held our annual strategy session in early January. On these two days all jambities took retreat into "Kloster Seeon", an ancient cloister with a more than 900 years old history, to set the stage for the year 2012's success.

Alongside the typical creative thinking sessions jambit employees were provided with loads of retrospective information about the past year. We had good reason to celebrate: The year 2011 has been very successful for jambit, allowing management to give all employees a generous share of last year's profits.

On Friday afternoon there was a very special surprise-event for all jambities. The Scrum-Guru Boris Gloger held a quite entertaining and inspiring presentation on scrum's values and relevance for our projects. Subsequently the cloister's canteen kitchen was reorganized, to give room for eight teams challenging each other in a competitive Scrum-Cooking session. In three iterations of 30 minutes each, every team prepared and served a delicious starter, main dish and a desert to the shared buffet.

We are greatly looking forwared to challenging and innovative projects and to a new level of partnership with our customers. We have very good prospects and are quite confident for the year 2012.

Scrum-Cooking on the Strategy Days 2012

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