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Optimal technologies for customer requirements

The selection of the right technology is a fundamental aspect of the 100% success of a project. Thus, it is necessary to be familiar with the key features of the various technologies.

The TechScout and the InnovationScout

The TechScout observes and researches current trends and developments in the field of software development. With this overview, at the beginning of a project the TechScout is in a position to advise and instruct the project team concerning the technology to be used and to provide internal training. Within the framework of the completion of a project, the TechScout has the responsibility of pooling the experience and knowledge acquired during the project and sharing this with all employees via internal training sessions.
Together with our customers, the InnovationScout organizes innovation workshops and assists in the definition of future products. This integrates technological and market trends as well as our know-how from all relevant sectors. The results are market radars, technology roadmaps and innovation reports, which serve as the basis for projects. In this way our customers discover the products of the future, and we find the right projects for us.

Motivated employees with top qualification, eager to acquire new knowledge

All employees working at jambit are motivated and eager to acquire new knowledge. Thanks to their top qualifications they very quickly understand and internalize the concepts underlying new technologies. Thus in the shortest possible time, the effective use of a new technology, whether it is a new programming language, a new framework, or a new wireless technology, has already become a matter of routine.
Based on this foundation, the challenges arising from the projects entrusted to us are readily met. In the projects, among other things, business-critical eBusiness systems, mobile applications and hardware-relevant solutions are created.

jambit Know-How Pool

Our employees repeatedly demonstrate their flexibility, also with regard to technical aspects. Our customers come from a wide range of sectors, each of which requires specific technical knowledge.
During a project, if a question arises that cannot be completely clarified within the project team, all employees provide support as a large know-how pool to answer the question. Thus, jambit employees consider themselves a team that pulls together to ensure the success of every project.