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Inter-Divisional Services

I3 – Image, Interface, Innovations

A picture is worth a thousand words - and this is especially true for the software industry and R&D business. Just simply demand the best appearance. No compromise. With I3 you'll receive UIs and interactive designs for portals, head units, and apps that will trigger the "wow effect" of your customers. Through many years of experience in user interfaces, we can make a significant contribution in the planning of the solution to enhance the future success of the overall implementation. We design and develop Click-Dummies/Mockups to optimize the user experience well before the actual implementation. The newest graphics and interactive technologies (eg HTML5) guarantee highly dynamic, innovative applications that you and your customers will love.


When is a software concept ready for the market? Which business models are conceivable and practicable? What are the innovations in the vicinity of the proposed solution? jambit Consulting provides client-focused and independent technology, process and innovation consulting at the highest level. So you know the road you travel before the actual project begins. A number of consultation tools (innovation workshops, opportunity scanning, tech research, roadmapping, etc.) help to expand the perspective and offer different ways for optimized planning. The topic- and knowledge-specific composition and activation of the advisory team is headed by a highly experienced senior consultant - to offer the most effective and precise consultancy solutions.