eBusiness Orange

eBusiness Orange - where users experience innovation

We are the experts for load-critical, high-availability and company-critical server software. Web portals, databases, web service interfaces, workflow systems, content management and shop systems are typical components of our work. Rapidly developing technology, the typically enormous technical complexity, strict cost and time frameworks, and the very high quality requirements for this type of production system thus determine the demands of our project work.

eBusiness is "Software for people"

However, for us eBusiness means far more than the technical mastery of complexity and technology. Rather, in eBusiness particularly we pursue the goal of developing "software for people", since this type of software is used daily. The user experience is the guiding principle that motivates us, because it relates to the overall positive experience of our users with the software. We know that this is a demanding requirement that we can meet only if we work in partnership with our customers and consistently integrate important success factors into our daily practice.

Thinking the whole process instead of delivering "functionality"

For our users, the software itself is of no value. For them the decisive factor is how well the software supports the business process (eBusiness). Experience has shown that this succeeds only if the real concerns of users are systematically kept in mind during the development, at all levels - from the user interface to the performance and quality of the underlying systems. We therefore consistently seek direct contact with our users and take care always to speak their language.

High Code quality

In the practice of eBusiness, code quality is extremely important. eBusiness code in particular has a long lifespan. We are aware that over the life cycle of the code, far more time will be spent reading and changing it than was initially spent writing it. We therefore rely on a high degree of coverage by automatic tests and clear code, the intentions of which can be intuitively deduced by the reader.

Continuous improvement

In order to learn continuously, we insist that the value-added flow, from the idea or "user story" to productive use, always occurs in short cycles, subject to constant reflection and improvement.