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Everyone loves smartphones, tablets and Web 2.0: They have a chic appearance and are extremely easy to operate. With the iPhone, Apple in particular has set a very high standard for mobility products, and anyone wishing to put a product in this area on the market must place a high priority on design and intuitive operation.

We specialize in the development of products that have an attractive appearance and are easy to use. Here we meet the typical challenges: Growing customer expectations increase the development complexity, the visual design must be considered during the development, and the product technology must be state-of-the-art.

Exactly the right development effort

Our particular strengths involve efficient, agile project management in a complex environment. This includes control of offshore teams, distributed development locations, uncertain requirements and short deadlines. In order to meet these challenges our development process is customized for the respective project, however as a rule it is based on kanban or (scaled) Scrum.

Considering the visual design

Often the question of design and usability arises only in the course of development. This must be recognized in time and quickly addressed. Our developers therefore attach high importance to short iteration cycles with the customer. In addition, we have in-house designers and usability experts, who contribute experience gained from projects for BMW, Fujitsu, Telekom, Siemens and others.

Always state-of-the-art

Customers expect the most recent technologies and features, whether in terms of iPhone, Android, HTML5 or others. In order for us to supply this, our developers constantly receive further training in the latest technologies. Our experience with many projects for OEMs permits us to advise our customers in the selection of technology and in the validation of concepts with benchmarks, derived from a multitude of projects.