Further training

In order to develop the potential of our employees, we offer diverse individual training opportunities. Here we promote the personal growth of our employees not only in the realm of technology; we also focus on further training in areas such as project management, communication and other soft skills.

Because the software world is continuously advancing, every employee at jambit regularly attends training sessions - up to 10 training days per year are available to each employee.

External training

Within the framework of the semi-annual employee appraisal interviews, the Business Unit Head and employee jointly develop a personal career strategy. Here the focus is on the interaction among employees. For this reason, each year several training sessions specifically for jambit teams are offered in external premises by specially selected expert trainers. For special interests, attendance at relevant conferences and trade fairs, even abroad, is made possible, and occasionally individual employees are sent to an open training session. Conference contributions and other publications are supported.

Here we are especially proud of our employee Michael Kerrisk and his standard reference work 'The Linux Programming Interface'.

Internal training

In order to enhance the know-how pool of jambit employees, in addition, regular internal training sessions are held, where individual jambit employees share their knowledge with the team. Completed projects and lessons learned are presented at the plenum of all jambitees held every month. As well, there are regularly brief talks and evening training sessions, so that the expert knowledge of individuals is passed on to the team. In this way a know-how pool is created that provides added value and time savings in our customer projects.
A permanent knowledge pool is provided by our library, where every employee can request specialized books and trade magazine subscriptions, as well as by our two filters for the information jungle: The TechScout and the InnovationScout.